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  • My main problem with this is the lack of privacy I would feel on the ground floor.

  • From the outside, it looks charming. It looks as if this is being turned into apartments, as I think I see 4 Pepco (?) electric meters. It would be cool to see the inside, if possible.

  • What I was really hoping for for this building is that the lower level was a store (sapore oils and vinegar or some such) – and the upper level was where the store owner lived. Maybe that sounds old-fashioned but that was the story I was imagining for this place.

  • It was last used as a store front church. I almost had a fistfight with some woman over some folding chair/pew things the construction workers were throwing out. She got the table though. I still regret not getting the table!

  • Wow, the exterior looks lovely. It would be cool as a private house and with the proper curtains/shades the front windows would be fantastic and not at all lacking for privacy.

  • This Reno looks great, but I like the one in Nevada better.

  • FINALLY. This took a preposterous amount of time. You could see its potential even during the years and years that it was stalled. Seems a waste as apartments, though.

  • the small annex in the left background looks beautiful.

  • I walk by this every day. It is sooooo close but appears to be stalled again. A month or so ago, I looked into the “cute annex” at the back and it has a really weird layout – upon entering, you are forced to walk down stairs or take a hard right to avoid them. It looks like it is designed to be a professional space.

  • This is a great renovation. The new windows have taken an otherwise bland brick facade, and created an interesting modern house while maintaining the historic character.

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