Judging New Restaurants – Southern Hospitality

Back in Jan. 2012 Southern Hospitality opened in the former Adams Mill Bar and Grill space at 1813 Adams Mill Rd, NW. Their Website says:

Our restaurant consists of two levels and a spacious outdoor patio. Over the past few years Washington DC has become a thriving food scene, providing a wide variety of culinary indulgences. In an effort to continue the expansion of this city’s cuisine selection, we have decided to bring more of the south to the north; with exceptional service, and a menu providing a touch of that warm southern flavor. As a compliment to our food menu, we are bringing a well rounded reserve and by the glass wine list, timeless cocktails along with a few of our own inventions, and a relevant array of draft and bottle beers.

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

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  • I ate there about 6 weeks ago. Nice atmosphere, good cocktails, really good chicken burger. It’s a little set back from the Adams Morgan craziness, but I can see it being a popular place. I’d go back.

  • I agree. Pretty solid menu, and not too different than typical (over)priced DC, but it was pretty tasty.

    Plus the patio is a nice place to hang out on a nice day.

  • Food was decent, but ridiculously expensive for what it was. It’s upscale bar food. But they’re charging about 7 bucks too much per course.

  • I’ve actually really enjoyed myself here. The patio has a great low-key, neighborhood-y vibe and the food wasn’t bad. Living near Adam’s Morgan, I appreciate a place like this that is relaxing and a bit removed from the weekend craziness.

  • I’m curious about the transition from cheap-pitchers-and-not-much-else-and-that’s-how-we-like-it Adams Mill to a place with real food and a wine list. Have any former regulars gone by to compare? Also, has anyone solved the sphinx of the pineapple?

  • Everything is overpriced!!


  • I’ve only been once on a Saturday for brunch. Service was ridiculously slow given we were one of perhaps 2-3 tables. Food was okay, but overpriced for what it was.

  • Only stopped for drinks one day. Thought it was quite good and a drastic improvement over Adams Mill. Bartenders were good, mixed drinks were tasty. Great beer selection. Assume the patio will be a great place to hang. I did have the same questions though, as others here, does it have a good enough location for the type of place it is and can it get over not being Adams Mill……I get the feeling it would do better in Woodley or Cleveland. I’ll be back though.

  • I agree with other posters, food is not that great and way over priced. I don’t think enough can be said for the bartenders though, they are very nice and mix excellent drinks. Strike up a conversation with one of them and they will direct to all sorts of hidden gems around the city!

  • Turned out to be a great little neighborhood bar. The owners and staff are all friendly, the crowds aren’t bad, the flat screens are massive, and the beer list is decent. Agree that the food prices could come down a bit, but other than that it’s an unqualified improvement over Adams Mill.

  • The first time I went to SH, I really enjoyed it. Drinks and dinner at the high-top table behind the bar, dessert upstairs, nice service. We raved about it to my roommate, she took her beau there, and said the food was god awful. I was shocked! Then I went back a second time for dinner at the bar about a week later.. and found out she was right. The food sucked (had some type of non-food item on the veggie burger), but the wine was nice. I’d go back for drinks, but I’d never eat here again.

  • burritosinstereo

    I came here on a Saturday night for dinner and I will never, ever EVER go back. I’m not going to complain about the service, because I’ve been part of the opening staff of a new restaurant before, and you need a few weeks to work out the kinks. But the food was piss poor. Like, inedible. My date and I had their potato leek soup (which is usually one of my favorites) and it came out bright green (I guess too much of the green parts of the leeks and not enough potatoes??) and was lukewarm. I forget the other appetizer that we had, but I know we had something else and it was obviously not good or bad enough to remember, so I’ll go ahead and say that was the high point of the meal. I had salmon for my main course, and it was the most overcooked salmon I’ve ever been served. Literally burnt around the edges. Not to mention so oversalted that I couldn’t even eat it. I had a few bites and gave up. My friend had shrimp and grits as his main, which I think was off the appetizer menu, and as a one-time southerner he said that they were not good. I didn’t try them, but I trust his judgment.

    I’ll also add that as a (former) industry person, I can be a bit over critical at times, but their food was just terrible. I really WANTED to like it, because I live in the neighborhood, but from now on I’ll just stick with Mellow Mushroom.

  • Agreed, great place, maybe a bit too expensive but the food is good. Also the bar staff is excellent, very friendly, mix great drinks. The place is much nicer than Adams Mill where the food was barely edible.

  • Just figured out that this isn’t another branch of Justin Timberlake’s Restaurants in NYC, also called Southern Hospitality: http://www.southernhospitalitybbq.com/. Wonder how they were able to use the same name without copyright issues?

  • Agreed, great place, maybe a bit too expensive but the food is good. Also the bar staff is excellent, very friendly, mix great drinks. The place is much nicer than Adams Mill where the food was barely edible.

  • I really enjoyed it. Took my girlfriend there, both of us not expecting much, but we were both really impressed. It was a tad but pricier than it should have been though. The fried green tomatoes were fantastic.

  • has anyone tried their bacon bloody mary?

  • ledroittiger

    Why the hell do the beers cost $7.20, $6.30, etc? What ever happened to a solid dollar amount?

  • Stopped in on a Sunday, I’ll never go back. The service was s-l-o-w, the chicken and waffles should have been renamed Sysco chicken tender sliced over eggos. Sadly, this place will succeed due to its’ patio.

  • went their with my girl saturday past. Nice inside but quiet. Chicken sandwich was really good but fries had no seasoning so kinda bland, great mojito standard beer list. Bartender was friendly.

  • $7.50 for an order of fried okra? That offends my southern sensibilities. No thanks, I’ll let other chumps pay these exorbitant prices for casual American food.

  • I stopped in for a drink a few weeks ago. The staff was super nice. The beer list was a little weak. I’m willing to give it a try for food, especially once the weather gets warmer.

  • saf

    Food is eh, space is very loud. Service is ok.

    I won’t be going back.

  • I ate there a month ago. I was so excited to try it out. The atmosphere is great. I really love the way they have used the space. However, the food wasn’t very good. I was really disappointed. My gumbo was served room temp and the flavors were too tame. Next, I had lamb chops that were overcooked. With the influx of new “southern” cuisine in the city, Southern Hospitality just can’t compete.

  • Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe is right down the street, reasonable, tasty, and has some slammin’ fried okra. Plus, Bardia is such a cool dude and sometimes hooks you up with free beignets 🙂

  • Main dishes and salads are overpriced but were average quality. Had their fancy burger another time (12 bucks) and thought that it was decent. Beer isn’t too expensive considering location and atmosphere. In my opinion it’s a good place to go watch some sports on their nice TVs and to get drinks. Not so great for a sit-down dinner.

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