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  • Fairly innovative food at good prices. Execution isn’t perfect, but it’s good.

    I think the DC gov is giving this place too much trouble with the licensing, considering the ownership has no affiliation with the original owners. There is no legal relevance of past transgressions of prior owners. It is particularly silly given that the new Shaw Tavern got full ANC support, so it’s not like it’s controversial.

    • What makes you think that the DC Gov is the source of the problem.

      Your complaint is the same one made over and over the last time this place tried to get licensing and as it turns out, it wasn’t the DC Gov at all but the lying ownership that fabricated documents and sold booze illegally when they weren’t licensed for it.

      You automatically assume this guy got all of his paperwork in instantaneously, and it was 100% complete and none of the interim reviews caught anything amiss etc.

      Well, thats a large assumption even for operaters in DC that have multiple places and a lot of experience. This guy has only ever operated 1 bar/restaurant in DC and that closed within 3 years.

      • Calm. Down. Stop. Yelling.

      • FWIW, the original Shaw’s Tavern didn’t sell booze but gave it away. Similar to having a house party for your friends. The forging of documents is a serious offense though, if true.

        • Does anyone know what the latest is on their application and when they might start serving booze? I was really hoping to do a birthday happy hour there, but I’m thinking that’s probably not realistic…

  • I cannot say enough about this place. Everyone is incredibly nice, and seems to be having a great deal of fun. I agree that the execution isn’t 100%, but it’s pretty darn close. I’ve been to brunch twice, once getting the eggs and english muffin which was just ok and seemed to be too small a serving for the plate, and once getting the chicken and waffles. They need to put the chicken and waffles on the regular menu, if only so they can showcase another special! Both times we also got the pastry basket, and I need an entire box of the savory scones.

  • I like it too – I’d like to see the chicken and waffles on the regular menu. And I really like the pastry basket and would like to be able to order them individually. Savory scones FTW!

  • claire

    Have been for brunch twice. First time, got truffled grits with house smoked pork belly. The grits were amazing, and the pork belly was very rich and tasty, but the pork belly was a bit oversalted, and the sunny side up egg was just slightly undercooked. The second time, got the black eyed peas and tomatoes. This will be a great dish mid-summer – nice cold salad, not too heavy, great flavor (the smoked olive oil was especially great in there).

    Both times, I was with my boyfriend, and he got the deluxe burger (first time was with truffled pecorino cheese and scallion mayo, second time was with pickled scallions and, hmm, some other tasty cheese but forget what). The burger was absolutely delicious (although slightly overcooked the first time (the waiter did comment that it was the first burger of the day) – was ordered medium both times).

    So it seems like they’re still working out the kinks on the food a little, but it’s already tasty enough and well-priced enough that I know I’ll keep going back! Also the service was really quick and friendly both times. Plus the atmosphere is very neighborhood tavern – if I worked from home, I’d definitely be posting up on one of their couches. Can’t wait until they start full service!

  • The deluxe burger (blue cheese and bacon) was delicious. Prices reasonable. Service extremely friendly.

  • The brisket is very tasty, but is by no means lean. — hence the great taste. The malted waffles are a good starter. If you’re still hungry, go for the spiced chocolate pudding — it’s incredibly rich so you might want to share it with a friend — or hell, come find me and I’ll share it with you.
    I highly recommend Shaw Tavern. Enjoy

  • “Hi! Yes! I’ll have the really burnt egg and the tiny salad. No, no thank you, no dressing on my ball of frisée.”

  • I am happy with any options in the hood at the moment but I have to admit I thought the portion size quite small for the plate / compared to other restaurants. The service was pretty good, everybody was very friendly, very glad they are there and hope to watch them improve and grow with the hood. I like my grits plain, wish they had the option.

  • FULL DISCLOSURE: haven’t been for brunch yet but….

    Last week I was randomly near home at lunchtime so I popped in for the first time…. Totally taken aback by the awesomeness of the layout and design of the space. So say what you will about the Brown/May collective (write down your comments and place them near your heart) but the tavern absolutely looks like someplace I’d like to hang out. Color me impressed. Makes me whistful of what the firehouse project could have been (‘Hello. May I speak with Mike Benson? Please?’). I digress….

    As for the food, I had a fine burger (the fancy one with the cheese and bacon) that was cooked to perfection and served. Interestingly, the burger did not come served with its traditional partner (french fries) but instead included a child’s palm full of arugula. Interesting. Neither good nor bad…just interesting. So, I ordered the fries, which were of the shoestring variety and laden with salt and pepper and served with some special sauces. Not a deal breaker but as an a la carte item I would have expected them to be a bit more of a centerpiece with a little more complication…maybe thicker cut…fried in duck fat (you know, some kind of preparation that a 1%-er would expect but the average 99%-er would respect). As they were served the other day the salt alone overwhelmed the point of the sauces. In the future I might add a different vegetable to accompany my delicious burger. Like the other commenters I fully trust that these kinks will work themselves out over time. My comments are meant only to share my first experience. Nothing that I saw or ate would dissuade me from going back. In fact, I can’t wait to make this my pre- and/or post-Howard Theater stopping point!

  • This place rocks. Super friendly manager and staff, and the food is really tasty. Tons of excellent savory options, which is my favorite kind of brunch. The black-eyed peas plate is fantastic, although not quite big enough to satisfy on its own. Pair it w/ a side order of truffled grits, though, and you will love life.

    The egg dishes need something a little extra on the side to complete them (potatoes?) but that’s a small quibble. This place is an awesome addition to Shaw.

  • Have been for brunch and like others, I’m anxiously waiting for this place to earn a liquor license and operate on a fuller scale. The food is quite good, arguably one of the better meals I’ve had in the U Street area. I actually found the portions to be reasonable, though it wasn’t a BIG BREAKFAST by any stretch and that’s just fine by me. Not a bad cup of coffee either, and the wait staff is super friendly and inviting. If this place still has kinks to work out like others reported, I’d be hard pressed to tell you what they are.

  • I thought the food was delicious. The eggs with cheddar and green onion were really nicely done, and the home made english muffin that came with it tasted like heaven on earth. And the coffee was actually good! Solid service, a very nice place to sit; we loved it. And we’re pretty picky.

  • Grits and pork belly!! I just sat there stunned it was so good. the salt level of the house-smoked Berkshire pork was perfection as was the runniness of the sunny side up egg. Mix it all together for heaven

  • We went for brunch last Sunday and the place was packed…nice to see, especially pre-booze. Service was friendly and fast nevertheless. The interior is beautiful, bright and sunny, and all the food we ordered was fantastic – beet salad special, burger and chai tea oatmeal. We’ll be back next weekend!

  • Been here 4 times now for brunch and it has been excellent each time. Had the Brisket (wonderful); the deluxe burger (slightly underdone but very tasty); the truffled grits and pork belly (awesome); a ham and cheese breaded fritter or something like that (tasty but a bit soft). Coffee (late) is awesome.

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