Jamba Juice Coming to Union Station

So many new spots coming to Union Station. This Jamba Juice is coming to the space next to the also coming soon (but it really looks close to opening now) Einstein Bros. Bagels on the first floor towards the eastern end. Jamba Juice’s Facebook page says:

“Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies. Fresh-squeezed juices. Yogurt and fruit blends. Wheat grass shots. Slow-cooked, steel-cut oatmeal made with 100% organic oats. Healthy baked goods. Immortality. Wait – we don’t actually offer immortality per se, but we can make your feel pretty freaking healthy.”

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  • OMG! Will this be D.C.’s first freestanding (i.e., not in a Whole Foods) Jamba Juice location?

    I have been in love with this place ever since I tried it on a visit to L.A. about six years ago.

    • Have you tried Robeks? It’s basically the same thing and has had a DC store for quite some time.

      • Not at all the same, IMHO. But then again I grew up on Jamba Juice smoothies every day after high school in Texas. They are amazing.

        • YEAAAHHH Me too! Lets go get jamba juice together!

        • Robeks may also be a smoothie chain, but the product is nowhere near the same quality as Jamba Juice. IMHO, having patronized all 3 on a number of occassions, Jamba Juice > Smoothie King > Robeks, with SK and Robeks a distant second and third.

      • yes…i have tried Robeks and that’s why i am so glad Jamba is coming back to DC.

  • This will be the only dc location since the one on GW’s campus closed several years ago. The closest one to us in Montgomery Mall, and after that BWI airpot. Jamba Juice hasn’t been in any whole foods location for quite some time. Neither company would comment on what went wrong with the partnership.

    • It looked to me like Whole Foods just wanted to reclaim the space for additional retail.

      I was never all that impressed with Jamba Juice, anyway. Why pay a lot for something you can make at home in a blender for much less?

  • Anyone know when the Einstein Bros. Bagels will open? It’s had those “Coming Soon” walls up for quite some time.

  • Finally! Strawberry surfrider, here I come!

  • shaybee

    this actually made my morning.

  • I love Jamba Juice. I miss the ones in NYC. I’m surprised the chain didn’t enter this market sooner, especially with all the health nuts around here.

  • Berry Lime Sublime in and around my face!

    Biased California boy, but Robek’s isn’t even in the same conversation.

  • I prefer Orange Julius! They used to have the best smoothies in Union Station… I’m rather tired of the protein shake counterfeit smoothie joints, they taste like mud.

  • My wife and I used to destroy these in Phoenix. I liked the green tea one.
    Mustve have one billion calories each, but damn, sure takes the funk out of the hot weather.

  • As someone who grew up in San Luis Obispo (the home of the original Juice Club…now Jamba Juice), this is the greatest news I’ve read on this blog. I can’t stand Robeks, Smoothie King, or any other Jamba knockoff that we have in DC. The fact that I walk through Union Station on my way home every day is an added bonus. This is amazing.

  • anybody know what the opening date will be?

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