Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School Leases Part of Manhattan Laundry Building

1328 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending an update:

“In recent years, there’s been speculation about what would happen to the historic modernist Manhattan Laundry building at 1328 Florida Avenue once Meridian Charter School, the current occupant, announced plans to move to 1301 V Street.

Last week the Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, which opened this fall in temporary Northeast digs, announced it had signed a lease on the Manhattan Laundry space. ITS will knock down existing walls in the building to create more library space and common areas, and has plans to create a roof deck playground. Leaders of the school, which enrolls children from every ward in the City, are happy about the move to a central, metro- and bus-accessible location, which is also close to the nonprofit Center for Inspired Teaching.

No official word yet on what organizations might share space with ITS, which next year will serves children through 4th grade and at capacity go through 8th grade.”

The reader later adds in an email:

“The office space on the top floor of the building will continue to be used by start-ups, etc. also, the Annex space is slated for a Montessori?”

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  • Great – another school of noisy kids who litter every where and pull up my flowers. Can’t wait.

    • Great – another snotty [metrosexual || hipster] who hates kids.

      This city will never fully blossom until it becomes friendly to educated families who need decent schools for their kids (but don’t have $30k per child/year post tax.) ITS is trying to be one of those schools.

      • I don’t hate kids and I’m not an urban hipster, but if you shared space with Meridian you’d be just as frustrated as my neighbors and me. I have caught Meridian kids vandalizing our property, and just last week confronted three little girls who came inside our front gate and pulled up flowers. Sure, the noise and picking up the litter, the empty juice cartons, the school papers, and the snack containers gets annoying, but the sad truth is many of these kids have behaved poorly and I think Meridian has been an all around lousy neighbor. I hope you’re right — that ITS will be different.

  • No, Anon, this is not “another school of noisy kids who litter”, my daughter attends ITS and the kids there have never caused a problem for the school’s current Brookland neighbors. We’re a close knit community and the kids often go on walking field trips, in a very disciplined manner. I have accompanied them on a field trip to the Building Museum. These are great kids, your flowers will be quite safe.

  • Another current parent. Think your experience with this school will be quite different from your current experience because IT is such a special school…I know where you are coming from though. I live very close to a charter school myself…and we don’t send our kid to that school.

    We have been thrilled with this school’s innovative, hands-on approach to learning–backed up by simply great teachers!

    And today is the deadline for the lottery. So put in an app if you have kids up through rising 3th graders!

    • Typo. Excuse me. ITS is accepting applications up to rising 4th graders forgo be included in the lottery.

  • I expect having them as neighbors will make the value of my condo go up!

    • that depends on the school’s reputation, and whether or not it’s a place where families want to send children, but clients typically like being a few blocks away from schools in any case because of the noise, the parking problems, etc. so the proximity of this school is at best neutral for you.

  • Will they be investing any money into improving the outside of the building? I always think it is very cool art-deco look – but always looks dirty because of the rust/brown stuff coming down the front. Hope they invest some to make it shine again.

  • Welcome to U Street. We are developing an important education reform hub here.

  • That’s a very unique building. I hope somebody’s planning on cleaning up the facade.

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