If You’re Looking for a Caribbean Bakery – Try Crown at 5409 Georgia Ave, NW

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Floridano food truck opening a brick and mortar restaurant in the former Brown’s Caribbean Bakery at 3301 Georgia Ave, NW. Some readers were saddened by the closing of Brown’s but I had thought they reopened further up north on Georgia Ave. Turns out I was off by a letter. There is a Crown Caribbean Bakery located at 5409 Georgia Ave, NW. So for those who are craving some Caribbean pastries – this will probably scratch that itch.

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  • Do they have those Jamsican cinnamon rolls? I love them!

  • Bummer! I was hoping to get some beef patties in my life and so very close to home!

    • There is the place on U St. called Patty Boom Boom which is run by Hilton (Marvin, ESL, etc.) and while I’m not sure they have a sign, they do serve up pretty good Jamaican patties.

      • They don’t open on a consistent schedule at Patty Patty Boom Boom, but they are good patties. Also, the parking is horrible at that location. Brown’s bakery had a specific taste, I’m sad to see them go, the carrot juice they sold was amazing.

  • do they sell beef patties.

  • This place is delicious- great pastries and bread. I haven’t tried their non-baked food, but it looks and smells delicious!

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