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  • Emmaleigh504

    So cool! This is my kind of building!

  • me too! love them but so incredibly out of my price range.

  • Kinda looks like a smaller version of the Walmart renderings.

  • this is gorgeous. love the wood. the only thing I don’t tend to like in this particular style home is the handrail. they use this style in a lot of refurbished homes and condos and I just think it doesn’t work on any level. if they had used concrete or something it would look awesome.

  • I would love to see the inside….bet it’s fabulous.

  • I used to live a block away from these buildings, which are located on the 3600 block of R street NW. I think they look fine, but as I recall the neighbors bitched and complained a lot about them, and there was talk of having the area designated historic or some such so that no other such buildings could be constructed.

  • Yep, this really didn’t go down too well with the neighbors when it was built in 2003. The small neighborhood of Burleith just didn’t know what to make of it – come to think of it, neither do I.

    • Wasn’t it originally supposed to be just one house on the right? But the house on the left collapsed during the construction of the house on the right and Burlieth ended up with 2 modern houses!

      • randomduck

        Indeed: they were doing a renovation/pop-topping of an existing house when the in-progress construction toppled into the neighboring house. And yes, the Burleith neighbors (who like to complain about almost anything, it seems) tried to block this ultra-modern replacement. Eventually, though, the property owners won out, and the result is a nice duplex.

  • I don’t care for that enormous solid wall of concrete. It looks like it’s from the zoo. Like it houses apes.

  • Pure awesome

  • From the outside and especially from the first photo, I think these two homes (I would have preferred to hear that it was one huge one) are beautiful. I also love modern homes when done well and these appear to be done well and the colors/materials complement and work together well, I think. As standalones, if you didn’t have neighbors so close to you, with the lovely trees, I think the homes would be gorgeous. I can see, compared to the other homes on each side, how this might not have been well-received; it is so different in style and I can see how one may not know what to do with this structure. That’s why when building a super modern home, I do think context is important or to have enough property, so even if your neighbors do have different style homes, it won’t interfere with the neighborhood character but instead will be another great home in the area. While a property owner might think they can do whatever they please without consideration to anything else, I would make a case that I do think context is important and that’s why it is important to consider context when making changes for what works and what will not for said place or time. I really do love that style handrail and I think it is especially suited for modern homes, this modern home. I do agree with ich that I have seen similar-type handrails in rehabbed homes and it doesn’t work in those spaces. Again, context is a lot, in my opinion.

  • Magnficant. Thanks for highlighting this and other beautiful modern & contemporary houses in our community.

  • Allison

    Wow, I normally hate the “boxy storefront” house design, but this one looks really cool. Maybe it’s because all the different layers and textures break up the boxy design and make it visually interesting. Particularly the wood panel.

  • I like the one on the right. Not too keen on the one on the left; there’s something I don’t like about the big unbroken vertical expanse of brown over the door. The one on the right is also set back from the sidewalk, whereas the one on the left looks like it’s trying to use every available inch of the lot.

    It’s hard to tell from the photos what the rest of the block looks like. If the block had an architectural uniformity that was destroyed by these two houses, I would’ve been upset too if I were a neighbor… even though I like the house on the right.

    As classic_six said, context is important.

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