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  • the whole thing looks like a popup.

  • It looks more like a commercial building than a house in the first picture.

  • looks like you might just fall into a 3-story abyss if you veer too far to the left in the last photo.

  • Love it. Would be better if there were more privacy in the back though.

  • that little patio outside the front door? thats where you leave your soul before you enter.

  • well i am an interior deeginsr. but i don’t agree of applying a very bold color to a large area of walls. You can somehow use it as an accent color to a smaller area of walls With what she did, it makes the space look even smaller . she should use a color that would have an illusion of making it wider and pls. put large mirror in the living area. The area looks cramp and small. Next time, hire an interior deeginsr that knows how to do a trick with a small space.

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