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  • I’d say yes, better than most pop-ups. In fact I kind of like it. I’d like to have a better look but i can’ t quite place that streetscape. If nothing else it is different and pretty well executed.

  • oh, 763 morton street. nice. better for the people walking down the street but a pop up is probably better for the owner (more space, value, etc)

  • Ironically, I noticed this house for the first time yesterday. Not my cup of tea. I do like their flag though.

  • As far as pop-ups go, I think this one is successful. I’m not saying the building itself is gorgeous because it’s not particularly special. However, if the owners wanted more space and built-out from the original structure, they did it in a way that gives the home more space but did it with integrity with respect to the original building/surrounding buildings. Even the window looks to be similar in style to the original ones. I like that they did it that way as opposed to some hideous addition that looks like an unsightly growth.

  • Ewww, uh, no.

  • The boxy style is not my cup of tea, but I like the porch-y area they created for themselves.

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