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  • Odd proportions, but certainly nicer and more interesting than its neighbors!

  • Just an ugly way to hide what is basically an ugly popup.

    • Agreed.

      I don’t mind the bottom portion that much — I’m not sure how I’d feel about it if it were on its own, but it certainly looks good in comparison to the hideous upper portion. The upper portion looks like the accordion folds of an air filter!

  • Like it 🙂

  • Love it! Would be awesome to see some shots of the inside

  • I just noticed that house for the first time last night on my way to Beau Thai- how weird that you’re posting about it today! I actually like it, but I could see how someone might not appreciate the style. In person, it’s pretty awesome.

  • that is one bad ass air conditioning unit!

  • it’s awesome.

  • what do people actually like about this?

  • Emmaleigh504

    I normally like modern, but this one just doesn’t speak to me.

  • If houses have faces, then this one looks like Kid from Kid n Play. That’s one serious hi-top fade.

  • In my opinion, the exterior looks awful.

    That said, I bet the interior gets great light if there are some big windows under all those slats. And I would almost be willing to sacrifice the front of my house for a home that would be bathed in more than an hour or two of light each day.

  • anyone know who designed this? seems like a missed opportunity: a client with some money that doesn’t mind something different.

  • austindc

    I love it. On a totally unrelated note, I also dig window AC units turned on their side.

  • Looks great. Props to that person for trying something different. (I’m happily smiling at those boobs in the neighboring historic district cringing at this one).

    • presumably you mean neighboring Cap Hill. Why would anyone on Cap Hill care about a modern design outside the historic district? Your logic escapes me

      I love modern, but just not this

      I’m willing to bet the house steels light from the unrealized air space of its neighbor. Wonder what would happen if either neighbor wanted to drop a pop up on top

    • uh . . . steals

  • The slats are fine. its the entrance area that needs a bit more thought.

  • I live six houses down. This house totally KILLS our block. It doesn’t go anywhere!!!!

  • yuck – this is a horse’s ass of the neighborhood….

  • Glad to see my house has provoked strong opinions, both pro and con. The front is not yet done. I hope to have the landscaping and other details finished in the next couple of months.

    • I like it… I’ll take “interesting modern” over “ugly historic” (i.e. what you have on either side) any day.

      Or to take it one step further. I’d rather have a block full of houses like yours rather than a block full of houses like what you have on either side of your house.

    • I loved it this morning, and I love it now. Enjoy your fab home.

    • I think your house looks amazing – would you be willing to post some shots of the inside? i’m so curious the effect it has.

  • Is the top part for housing servers? I’m in the market for a new ISP.

  • Looks great! Very creative.

  • Jealous much?

  • I love it! So fantastic! I totally agree it should be house of the day! 5 stars!

  • I am a Principal at Grupo7, the Architecture firm that designed the house. We are very proud of the project and extremely happy that the client loves the design. The house was designed to suit him and I think as such, is a great success. We are also very pleased that it has provoked some discussion about architecture among the neighbors, that can only be good. We are in the process of finishing up the front yard and other details of the interior. I am sure images of the final product will be available in the near future.

    Thanks for the comments.

    José Tohá, Principal
    Grupo7 Architecture + Interiors

    • Jose: Gotta ask, was your point to make it look as little like anything in the neighborhood as possible? It honestly looks terrible.

  • Thank you for responding. I think everyone would love to know more about the whole process of designing an unusual house like this. Do you consider street view, other houses etc.? What is your process?

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