Hilton Brothers Coming to H St, NE with the ‘Spirit Room’

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We knew it was bound to happen – the Hilton Brothers are coming to H Street. The folks behind Marvin, Gibson, American Ice co., the coming soon Chez Billy and Brixton and many many others are coming to H Street. While the concept is still being developed a liquor license has been applied for under the name ‘Spirit Room’ for 1337 H St, NE. Apparently the building was once home to a funeral parlor. The application says:

“New Tavern. Tavern style food. Live entertainment including DJ and occasional live band (max 5 pieces). Occupancy load is 99. Summer Garden with 40 seats.”

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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  • considering that every other bldg on that street used to be a funeral home, church, or wig shop – it’s not that novel of a concept/name.

  • “and occasional live band (max 5 pieces)”

    Foiled again!

    – Ska band

  • Any updates on when Chez Billy is opening?

  • And this is why I love living on H Street. You just wouldn’t find a venue like this, complete with the building’s macabre history, in NW. Love the creativity.

    • Uh…just give the redevelopment in north CH or Petworth some time. There’s a bunch of funeral parlors that would be prime for redevelopment.

      • Oh no doubt, but I don’t think any currently “developing” section of the city is even close to moving at H Street’s pace.

        • H St is definitely up there, but have you been to the eastern portion of U Street lately? Right now within about 4 blocks, there is a frozen yogurt shop, a new bar/restaurant with a roofdeck, a taco garden (Hilton Bros), a British pub (Hiton Bros), a Pizza/Burger spot with garden patio (Hilton Bros), Cause Bar, Howard Theater, and the expansion of the recently opened Bistro Bohem into a bakery in the works. That’s not to mention the things that have just opened: Shaw’s Tavern, Bistro Bohem, Blind Dog… I think that the Eastern U/Florida Ave portion of Shaw is blowing up at about the speed of H Street.

          • U Street is already developed – apples and oranges. Shaw? No. Not as fast a H Street.

          • Taco garden?! What place is that?

          • I’d actually disagree Anonymous. Not all of U Street is totally developed and I think that the above poster is right – the eastern end is moving at about the speed of H Street. The 900 block two years ago was almost entirely abandoned, with the exception of maybe Velvet Lounge. At this point, every building on that entire block is being renovated or is in the permitting process. That pace of progress is continuing on down from 9th to 6th and Florida. Sorry, but I’d agree that that particular area of Shaw at least is developing on pace with H Street.

            But hey, can’t there be room for more than one rapidly developing corridor in the city?

          • “I’d actually disagree Anonymous. Not all of U Street is totally developed” – Exactly my point. H Street was really out its own – developing a few blocks up U from an area that was already well established is NOT a fair comparison. But I sense you just like to argue.

          • I didn’t realize that we were debating about the fastest developing area that was isolated from any other developed areas. If that is the case, I will give you H St as the fastest growing in that narrow category. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to poop on H St – just pointing out another corridor that is really booming. Anyway, as I said, I really like H St. In fact, I don’t think a single poster here has said anything negative about H St. All the hate seems to be coming from people defending H St being down on NW.

  • Nice! I wish it were in the western or central part of H Street, which could use more development like this, but this is still exciting news. According to the latest City Paper poll, H Street is second only to U Street as a nightlife destination. I wonder if/when it will be #1.

    • I predict it will be #1 in 2.5-3 years.

      • I think there’s a good chance of that, but it depends a little on what is included in the U st. nightlife district. If it includes going down 14th street (including Logan), which I personally may include as there are bars continually down the path, then that area has places opening up at ridiculous rates as well.

    • Wait till the Giant complex at 3rd and H and the H Street Connection re-do are finished (if the latter ever gets off the ground). That’ll be like pouring gasoline on the fire as far as development on the western portion of H Street is concerned.

      • Yeah, I know, and I’ve been patiently waiting. I think a Hilton establishment would have been a big enough draw to get more people and more businesses to other blocks of H. I’m justing looking forward to the day I can take a 90 bus over here and not have to worry about waiting at the sketchy 8th & H intersection to catch one back.

        • It’ll happen. H Street just seems a couple years behind U Street in terms of development, but is definitely keeping pace. It seemed like 2 years ago, U Street was a newly not totally sketchy place, and I feel like that is where H Street is at right now. Now, U Street seems to be moving in the direction of the mainstream – it’s own version of Logan Circle or Chinatown that is much more yupster friendly than it once was. I bet H Street will be there in about 2-3 more years. But who knows where U Street will be at that point.

        • A good rundown of all the development planned for the western part of H Street:


          If all come to fruition, western half of the strip will add about 1,000 new apartments/condos in the coming years.

    • I doubt H Street will overcome U Street because U Street is still expanding at light speed too. It makes sense though – NW is way more dense and also easier to access via public transportation (although it is improving to H St).

      • Ahhh, another NW naysayer. Just watch and see.

        • One thing that U street has the H Street doesn’t is easy access on the Green line for the UMD crowd. Not saying that this is a desirable clientele, but it’s definitely easier to get to U than H from College Park.

        • Metro access makes it easy for anyone from the city to get to U Street. H Street requires Union Station + bus. But at the end of the day that won’t hurt it. I think it used to when there were only a handful of bars down there, but now that you know you can go there for the whole night and there for the whole night, people will be willing (and are already willing) to hoof it.

          But in general NW is more convenient to people who don’t live in the immediate proximity and denser with residents who do live in the immediate proximity. I don’t think it’s naysaying to point that out.

          • You don’t have to take a bus in nice weather if you’re able bodied! Walk out the bus deck of Union and book it up H Street. What I like about the H Street of today (and the 3 years I’ve live over here) is the fact that it’s just far enough out to keep the white-bred, Starbucks sipping, Whole Food shopping, NW ninnies that don’t have cars, at bay…for now. And that’s why some NW people hate on H Street – it’s just outside their comfort zone but they cannot deny something great is happening over there. In 2013 the trolley cars will open and I think H Street will lose an edge, but I’m glad to be part of it now. 🙂 Hate on that HATERS!

          • Yeah, I actually like that walk down H Street! I come from SE Capitol Hill and prefer walking to taking the bus. But I guess if you have to do the metro and THEN walk it would seem like an epic journey.

      • Yeah, but remember when Dupont used to be the place to go out? Eventually rents got too expensive and businesses died or moved elsewhere. You see this happening with the U Street/H Street dynamic now.

        • But Dupont is far from dead – it is just not an edgy nightlife, alcohol driven area. I think it would be great is U Street could also attract a more mature crowd. If U Street loses some of the young partiers to H Street in lieu of more upscale dining and shops, I would not complain.

          • Has Dupont gotten more upscale dining and shops recently? I’ll admit, I haven’t been there in a really long time.

  • You people arguing nw vs ne sound like the boys on the corner pissing to mark their territories. We’re one ( small) city. Learn to love the whole of DC.

  • I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, as a Petworth homeowner I envy the cool new venues and pace of development on H Street. Wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s fun to visit friends in that area. Barrack’s Row is also filling in nicely. Lucky hill folk.

    • Why wouldn’t you want to live here? Just curious. Petworth always seemed unappealing to me (mainly because of where it’s located) but the lower cost of house is definitely a plus.

  • Im actually kind of surprised no one has screamed “Adams-Morganization of H St”. Perhaps its because of all the new retail that is opening in tandem with the bars and restaurants. Lets see there’s The Daily Rider that just opened, Metro Mutts, Atlas Vet, Hunted House, and the coming Ace Hardware and Durkl Mens Clothing headquarters, ….did I miss anything?

  • brookland_rez

    I’m glad to see H St develop. I’ve been in DC 8 years, always in NE. My first place was a little rental rowhouse on Parker St, right behind the old children’s museum at 3rd and H. I remember when I moved there, I walked down H St and it was a total dump. Garbage everywhere, homeless people pissing, etc. Now it’s a corridor to be proud of and it’s getting better all the time. For me, it’s become my destination for hanging out.

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