‘Health Magic’ Massage Coming to 1629 Connecticut Ave, NW Beneath Chipotle

I’ve been wondering for a while who’ll be moving into the space beneath Chipotle at 1629 Connecticut Ave, NW. I finally saw some workers inside who said it will be a new massage place called Health Magic.

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  • Which means that this place will be an empty storefront again in about 6 months.

  • hahaha. I’m pretty sure I went to one of those in Pentagon City Mall. Big room, no privacy screens between beds or anything. Massage over your clothes, $1 a minute. There was a woman moaning next to me- reallllllly into it. Least relaxing and/or beneficial massage I’ve ever had. Stay far, far away.

  • sorry chin…I gotta disagree. Health Magic at Pentagon City rules for the very reasons you cite. No frills, no Yani, no scented candles, buck a minute…and no BS. They take care of business and send you on your way.

    • Yup, these places rock. when the RSI kicks in and my neck freaks out I head to the one in the Wheaton Mall. $30 for a half hour and I’m as good as new. No appointment necessary, super convenient, who cares about the rest of it.

  • Allison

    Huh, I’ve never had a professional massage before. What is the going rate in D.C.? Any dos/don’ts I should know about?

    • Allison, don’t get your first one at a place like this or Massage Envy. Save up some cash and go to a ‘real’ spa for a professional massage – tell them it’s your first ever and then just relax. That’s what I did, and after my second one enrolled in massage therapy school for 18 months! I don’t practice professionally, but learned a LOT.

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