Good Deal or Not? “many historic details” edition

This home is located at 1108 Constitution Ave, NE:

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The listing says:

“This amazing historic Capitol Hill home is just steps to Lincoln Park and close to the Eastern Market metro. This home features 2 BR/1.5 Baths, a spacious living room, a separate formal dining room, 2 fireplaces, many historic details, a huge backyard and best of all – separate off-street parking for 2 cars. Very easy metro bus and metro rail access.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $625,000.

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  • I think the price is too high, so not a good deal. I didn’t see anything really special about the place and for that price. While in that neighborhood, having off-street parking for 2 cars is definitely nice, otherwise, I don’t love anything about this house. I’m not saying it’s horrible, just nothing that really draws me in when I look at the photos. I’d also be annoyed that I’d have to re-do the kitchen for that price. Some times I see real estate listings where one would probably do the kitchen over or make updates and it seems alright to me because given the price/what-you-get ratio makes sense, but here it does not.

  • I’d say “mheh” maybe high 500’s. Kitchen is way tired (check out condition of cabinets in the bottom of kitchen photo) Uninspired furnishings don’t really sell the place but the neighborhood is pretty sweet and the worth something. Cute curb appeal.

  • Living room staging is terrible. That couch looks like someplace to send your kid for “time out.” You don’t want the very first impression to be – cramped, narrow and no dining room.

  • SouthwestDC

    I actually think this is a great deal. The location is fantastic and it’s hard to find a rowhouse on the Hill that’s in decent shape for under $700. A true fixer upper is a rare find in this neighborhood– typically the seller would redo the kitchen and jack up the price. I think it will sell quickly because those who are looking for that opportunity don’t have a lot of options around here. The offstreet parking for two cars further sweetens the deal (though I’m having a hard time telling where it is located in relation to the backyard and house).

  • It’s got an odd layout downstairs that I think could be reworked to be kinda sweet. Right now, the unattractive kitchen is made more so by the fact that it is stuck in a dark cove. If that area could be opened up in the reno, it might be kinda cool. I sorta like the dining room in the back with the fireplace. However, I think the house probably needs to be in the $500s because of the things that need to be redone. That said, i’m sure it will go for asking. : )

  • only 1.5 baths and a totally outdated kitchen? definitely overpriced.

    • SouthwestDC

      1.5 baths is pretty standard for this area. We had started out looking for 2 full baths but it’s nearly impossible when you’re looking at houses this old.

  • The price does seem high for the size and condition, but after looking at the additional photos on Redfin, I assume the seller/agent hopes that the big back patio and offstreet parking justify the price. Because the tired looking kitchen and bathrooms, while functional, would not. I’ve been looking on the Hill for (what seems like) ages and I’ve seen better for less per square foot, including near Lincoln Park. But there’s just not a lot out there right now. My guess is it goes for around $600.

  • They lost me with the electric stove and the boring Home Depot doors on the second floor.

  • The bedrooms are huge for that size house and price. Yes, the finishings suck but those are easily replaced / renovated.

  • The price is definitely in line with the comps for this neighborhood, which is highly sought after. I have looked at houses in the same neighborhood with smaller but fully renovated kitchen and bathrooms, and these were in the 700s. With about 30k in kitchen and bathroom upgrades, the house could theoretically resell in the 700s, especially if inventory continues to be low.

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