Good Deal or Not? “lush yard w/ private flagstoned terrace” edition

This home is located at 1349 Wallach Pl, NW:

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The listing says:

“South & west facing windows infuse brilliant sun & natural light into this beautifully renovated home on a charming street just 1 blk to Metro & U Street, & a few more to the heart of Logan. Gracious open interior, exposed brick, hrdwd floors, high ceilings, gourmet kit w/ brkfst bar & built-in office, french doors opening to lush yard w/ private flagstoned terrace, spa bath & PARKING.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $839,000.

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  • Um…WOW! Freaking AWE-SOME.

    I wish I had the downpayment, I’d by this place in a heartbeat.

    I didn’t do any comps or anything to see if it was a good deal or not (which I would do if I was actually buying). But this location and the place itself is amazing! I absolutely love it!

  • Agreed. This looks like it’s going for what it should in that area given its amenities/quality, if not even slightly cheaper. It looks beautiful (didn’t do any research though). I would, however, miss having an actual bathtub.

    • I’m with you Anon3 – I’m sorry, even a very generous shower cannot replace a bath tub. Every now and then you gotta have a soak.

  • I think for the neighborhood, what you get – it’s a good deal. The lower level is nice but standard for a rowhouse in DC, meaning you get the high ceilings, living area, dining area, kitchen in an open floor plan. The upper levels are fine but less grand than the lower level. Nice patio space out back and parking somewhere with the property. Wallach is a pretty, quiet street. So, lots of good stuff here. Here are the drawbacks, for me. Only 1.5 baths for a 3 bedroom house, even if 1 of the 3 bedrooms is used as an office or nursery, it would be better to have 2 full baths, at the least. The kitchen, while decent, I don’t think has all that much cabinet space, which would be a problem for me. I’m not a fan of the cabinet fronts, especially with all the square tiles. The frames on the front of the cabinets seem to reinforce the geometric rectangles/squares, which I find dizzying and distracting. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker but it would not be the finishes I would be selecting to renovate a kitchen.

    • Someone said this recently– finding a Victorian with two full baths is extremely difficult and you will pay a premium for it. They just didn’t allow the space for it when the house was built.

      We have one full, two half, and surprisingly it hasn’t been a problem at all. Even when we have guests.

      • and if someone DID manage to squeeze in a 2nd full bath at some point it was probably at the expense of a bedroom or closet. Personally, I’d rather have more non-bathroom space and storage than two showers.

  • is nearly $7k in taxes per year normal for houses around U St? seems awfully high. otherwise seems very spacious for location & price.

    • It’s normal for a house in DC that’s this price. Not necessarily for a house on U Street since they are not all the same price.

      • oops, of course- the taxes are based on price, not location.

        i guess i’m more accustomed to seeing a lower tax rate, since i typically look at houses that are much cheaper than this one 🙂

    • The DC property tax is $.85 per $100 assessed value. So if the house is assessed at $800K that’s $6800 per year. If the owner lives there he or she can take the homestead deduction of $67.5K, which reduces the taxable assessment to $732.5K, and makes the tax bill $6226 per year.

  • Anticipating a bidding war on this one. During our search we kept an eye on U Street properties, but the only thing that was this close to the metro and under $850k was one of the EYA houses at 13th and V (which are new construction and not nearly as charming). This looks like an exceptionally good deal!

    • This person is probably right. And it’s reason #1 why this city completely sucks for young newcomers or those interested in starting a family.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. The area near the U Street metro is quickly becoming one of the most expensive parts of the city. It’s not like there aren’t more affordable options elsewhere.

      • Which would be why young couples scurry off to the suburbs once they procreate – cheaper property and better (public) schools.

      • Its a heck of a lot cheaper than NYC or SF.

        Plus there are plenty of affordable areas left – Trinidad, Petworth, Pleasant Plains, Anacostia, SW, etc etc

      • i’m glad i didn’t have your attitude when i bought in the hood when i did.

  • I love that street, it’s a beautiful, quiet, one way, one block street in the heart of all the cool stuff on U…

  • Really good deal. And, since it’s on the alley, you get the benefit of windows on one of the side walls, which is somewhat rare for townhouses.

    • Normally this makes you a greater target for break-ins, but this area has so much foot traffic at all hours of the night that it probably wouldn’t happen.

      • I would think more foot traffic would make it more prime to break-ins. The house is great, but I wish it had a basement and an extra bathroom for that price. The rooms look to be a good size though.

        • No, less foot traffic in an alley is worse because it’s easier for someone to climb up into a window without being noticed. I’d have bars on these windows, regardless, but I’d feel safer knowing there were drunk kids roaming through the alley at 3am.

          The other drawback to a corner house is that it’s less insulted and your heating/cooling bills will be higher. But I think it’s worth the tradeoff for having more natural light!

  • This is an incredibly popular alley for peeing in on weekends. Also rats.

  • Great deal for that area and the fact that it is a rowhouse. I think it will be bid up. As a bonus, maybe you can befriend the people behind you who have that really cool greenhouse looking thing on the top of their house! I agree with an earlier poster that the kitchen is actually a bit small for that house however.

    • I think that’s Tabaq Bistro.

      • Oh, you’re probably right, which could be a negative. If you back up to a restaurant, there might be a greater likelihood of having a rat problem.

        • I’ve been sharing an alley with five restaurants for a year now and have never seen a rat or roach (I walk through there a lot when it’s light out). It probably depends on how responsible the restaurant owners are, but I wouldn’t automatically assume being near a restaurant means there will be rats.

          • I only said a greater likelihood of rats. I used to work in a townhouse office in Dupont Circle that backed up to a bunch of restaurants, and we not only had to watch out for the scurrying ones, we had to step over and around the squished ones.

  • Another property listing with a wrong building date! It kills me, and the agent could be liable for false advertising: this one is off by 24 years. The houses from 1315 to 1349 Wallach Place were built beginning in 1886, and were designed and built by Thomas F. Schneider.

  • novadancer

    As someone who put an offer on another Wallach property I think no parking is a huge turnoff and it doesn’t appear the basement is finished (no pictures and not in the listing). The house we looked at ending up settling for $800k and had parking, 2.5 baths and a finished basement. Maybe prices have really increased in the last 18 months, I tend to focus on my zip code now.

  • it seems on target from our recent househunting days for that area. Probably one of my favorite streets in that area… if only.

  • I am good friends with the cat that owned it from 01 until 08. He was impressed to see it in good shape and without any changes since 08. Happy to see it being shown with some of the artwork they sold to the buyer(by the staircase the Washington and Lincoln memorial images by Brian Petro)

    He noted folks in 08 told him not to sell and rent it for a few years until the market recovered. The 0.5% price increase in 4 years shows that advice was bumbkis.

  • We looked at it but wanted a bit more room–also the alley to U St made it just too busy, especially without parking or a finished basement. The two main floors are great, however. Basement was pretty bad and I would have had to duck to do the laundry down there.

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