Good Deal or Not? “heated tile/marble” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 3011 13th St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Meticulously reno in 08, 4BR/3.5BA. This property has it all, a welcoming front porch, beautiful HWFS, FP, gourmet custom KI, powder rm, M. B. w/ custom built-ins & window treatments, cathedral ceilings, & heated tile/marble BA. L. L. suitable as an in-law or media/family rm, 2 decks, roof top deck w/ sweeping city views and secured gated PKG”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $749,500.

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  • Looks very attractive. I don’t know the comps for that area, but I’m impressed with the roofdeck, parking space (with what looks to be an automatic gate), etc.

    The decoration (kitchen backsplash, etc.) is refreshingly minimalist; I feel like we see way too many kitchens/bathrooms with super-busy tiling.

    Nice foyer and staircase, and nice Mount Pleasant-ish dining room ceiling.

    The downsides I perceive:

    – The amount of mirrors scattered around the house makes me suspicious that in real life, the rooms might seem really small. (Some of them look like they were there to begin with; I get the impression others were added for staging purposes.)
    – The placement of the kitchen sink faucet in the wall is somewhat strange. I’m also wondering why there are no cabinets above it; it looks like the kitchen could’ve used them.
    – The kitchen in the in-law suite looks like it could have benefited from more cabinets.
    – The master bedroom appears to have a big shower rather than a bath. It’s not clear from the pics of the other bathrooms whether any of them have tubs.
    – Second and third upstairs bedrooms look fairly small.
    – The house next door has its porch trimmed in magenta.

  • Love that there is still some period details…the fireplace is beautiful! Love the kitchen and roof deck…wish I had 750k. Although the pepto bismal porch next door is not the best looking thing Ive ever seen.

  • Don’t know about the price, but that looks like a great renovation to me. Very tasteful and looks expensive. I agree about the kitchen sink though — looks strange.

    • It’s called a “pot-filler” sink. The faucet is embedded in the wall so that its easier to fill large pots in the sink.

      • Yes, but they are typically found over the stove/range, with the idea of filling a huge stock pot and not having to carry from sink to stove/range with the possibility of dropping it or spilling it all over the place. It’s out of it’s intended/typical context, so it might look strange to seem as a kitchen faucet. This type of faucet is typically found in farmhouse-style kitchens but you will also see them in modern-day, true high-end kitchens as well.

  • Is this the going rate for that area? Seems high, but its a really nice house. I wish I had that roofdeck for fireworks watching!

  • Looks like it’s going for what it should go for in that area/at that quality. The roof deck is lovely and makes up for the backyard being a cement slab. I think my favorite descriptor is that the master bedroom has been qualified as ‘dramatic!’

  • As a neighbor near enough to have this as a comp, I sincerely hope it goes for that price!

    I don’t understand why there are no cabinets on the one side of the kitchen, though, the side where they have a baker’s rack. If there’s room for a bakers’ rack, there’s room for cabinets, even if you went with ones that are just 12″ deep. I also hate that kitchen faucet. The two additional bedrooms really are pretty small; I know that is fairly standard in these houses and we have one that is truly tiny, but at least our other one is somewhat more reasonably sized than these.

    • it looks like they do have 12″ deep cabinets on one of the walls in the kitchen. you can see them in the picture looking back to the kitchen from the front door – also in the reflection in the powder room shot.

  • Interesting that it’s listed for 25K less than it sold for in 08–I would think that prices would have held steady since then if not increased. Agree that the renovation looks nice.

    • take a look at all of the recently sold places in CH. prices across the board have dropped since 06-08.

  • The kitchen sucks and is claustrophobic. But omg that master bedroom. Definitely wasn’t expecting such a light, airy and beautiful bedroom. Another example people buying small, crappy rowhouses and renovating the hell out of select pieces. The back looked good too.

  • I think it’s a good deal. I was in for a pleasant surprise with the bright and airy bedroom and I love the built-ins; it reminds me of one of my favorite carriage houses that had a room quite similar to this one. The outside deck is beautiful (stained teak?) and I think the finishes are nicely done (not trying too hard, yet, nicely chosen). Yes, the kitchen probably is pretty small and even though I might have done some things a little differently, I like it (it’s not like all the others, which become standard – granite, ss “gourmet” appliances, etc.). I would be concerned that the countertops, if they are marble (they look like that to me from the photos). Marble is one of the worst choices for kitchen countertops, as they are not practical workhorses (e.g., they stain, need to be properly maintained) but they are a beautiful product for sure. They work well in kitchens for show, where you don’t really cook in them. Anyway, I’d say a good deal and fairly priced.

    Pet peeve: I hate when real estate listings say this: “This property has it all.” I’m sure it doesn’t have it all. Such absurd hyperbole.

    • bfinpetworth

      I’ve got marble counters in my kitchen and am a frequent cook. I love them. Yes, they etch easily with any acidic liquids, but once you get over them looking perfectly shiny and polished, the markings form a sort of patina. I have not found them to stain easily, however. Red wine drops wipe up easily, even when left to dry.

      What I love about them is the warmth they offer as an alternative to granite (often way too busy for my taste) and the quartz synthetics. There is a classic french farmhouse feel to marble that just feels good. I would not hesitate to do white marble again in a future kitchen reno.

  • It looks like they put a tiny dishwasher in the kitchen. That’s a dealbreaker.

    • Ditch a whole house b/c the dishwasher is too small? Why not go to home depot and buy a bigger dishwasher?

  • I have no idea about the price or the neighborhood, but I really like this house.

    Also, I never thought I would say this about an American home, but…that TV — the one in the master BR — looks too small! I would need binoculars to watch it from bed!

  • The renovation seems nicely done and thought out.

    Two large-ish detractors that I see

    1. Fronting on 13th street. 13th gets a lot of traffic 24/7 and you would have to deal with it.
    2. It is right across the street from some rough public housing. The police are there so often, they leave their portable crime scene lights and generator there all the time.

    The price is less than it sold for in 2008, and while one would question why in light of the fact that DC Real estate has generally moved at a brisk pace through the recession, I think the answer is that whomever bought it in 2008 paid quite a premium. One that we can see 4 years later was not justified by any legitimate metrics. I for one can barely imagine paying 800K for a house in Columbia Heights now. 4 years ago seems just odd.

  • That price seems almost too good to be true. Off-street parking, a stone’s throw from Metro and a nice roof deck…
    Is it haunted?

  • Based solely on the price per sq foot, it seems like a good deal for lots of pretty nicely renovated space. Personally I’m not a fan of the all concrete back patio, but it would be sweet to have a roof deck like that. I think @Joker’s points about the particulars of the location are good ones though, and at that price range buyers have more choices in neighborhoods… so in the end it might be a bit over-improved for that area.

  • 1311 Irving St. – just around the corner is currently listed at 1.1 million! It is bigger, with 5 bedrooms, but prices are certainly intimidating!

    • You obviously haven’t been inside 1311 Irving. It may be slightly bigger sq. footage wise, but there no dining room (at all), and one of the five bedrooms has been turned into a closet (err, excuse me, dressing room). The layout is much less desirable, in my opinion. I’m really interested in the property immediately behind 1311 Irving on Kenyon (not sure of the number) – it’s always looked great from the outside. Sign is up, and it’s “coming soon.”

  • I like the house a lot and am not bothered by the kitchen sink thing. I also like that they put in central AC and kept the radiators! The roof deck is cool, but how do you access it? I’ve always wondered if people ever actually use them because you have to go up several flights of stairs with your drink or keg and snacks.

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