Good Deal or Not? “Great location” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 1142 4TH St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Fabulous Wardman style row house with inviting front porch in the heart of NoMa. 4 BR 2 BA. Main lvl features foyer, open LR/DR with wd flrs and high ceilings, galley kitchen and light filled bump out bonus rm. Upstairs are 3 BR, another bump out bonus rm and FB. Finished bsmt with BR, FB, storage and full size laundry. Great location just blocks from NY/FL Metro and the coming H ST Trolley.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $525,000.

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  • “In the heart of NoMa”????

  • Who puked on the kitchen walls?

    • I think that paint is cool. I really like the whole house. I also commend the realtor/photographer for doing a nice job staging and photographing it.

      Oh, and I think it’s probably a good deal, too, even though it’s hard for me to believe anyone is paying $400/ft to live in Near Northeast. The city sure has changed.

      • I like the paint job, too, even in the narrow kitchen. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I like seeing what other people do with color.

        For once, it’s nice to see high-quality photos on a virtual tour for a house that isn’t going for a million dollars!

  • Should have no problem going for 500.

  • janie4

    The house is fine. The upstairs are carpeted, which I don’t like, but I understand people do. The paint is awful, and the kitchen seems a little cramped.

  • “and the coming H ST Trolley”


    But seriously… nice house, shame about the kitchen layout and size. As nice as original rooms and features are, I couldn’t really deal with that cramped kitchen – would open it up into the dining room as an eat-in.

  • a cramped kitchen. why not just create an open floor plan rather than spending dough on trying to gussy up something so small. but yeah apart from that i think it is a reasonable price, nothing too special but not a ripoff. other finishes look between decent and above average.

    • as for GDoN, i think the price is appropriate.
      but to answer the question “why would they not create an open floor plan?” – it costs way less money to paint than to rip down walls. doesn’t look like they spent much $ on that kitchen. also, not everybody likes open floor plans and unless you love it, it would be silly to spend $ on re-doing your kitchen in such a way that is not to everybody’s taste. i kinda hate open floor plans, and would take the cramped kitchen at a lower price than an open floor plan kitchen/dining room at a higher price.

  • That looked like one bedroom and three super tiny rooms that really only fit a twin (although I appreciate the effort to cram a full into the one room, Just not sure I want to be able to touch the walls while in bed). The kitchen seems incredibally skinny to me..and was that the fridge showed way in the back in a pantry? No matter, in DC location is all that matters. I say it goes for right at $525,000. Someone with some skill can knock down some walls and combine two of the tiny bedrooms.

  • msmaryedith

    And I think you walk through one twin-size bedroom to get to another bedroom that is really an enclosed porch?

  • They did a good job with the decorating but the fact that the nursery and one of the bedrooms used to be the back porch is really weird. The color scheme kitchen really brightens it up and the stripes make it seem less small. I wouldn’t buy it though.

  • Other than it being narrow and not well laid out, I like what they did with the kitchen. We had a super ugly kitchen when we first bought in Mt. P and just used that as an opportunity to paint it up funkily until we could afford a new kitchen. We painted giant peppers on the wall. It was fun.

  • It has a somewhat charming decor but seems dated still. I’d sooner take 525k and head straight for a 2-bedroom condo on 14th or (if hellbent on a house) a place along lower/mid Georgia up to Petworth.

  • That close to a Metro, and with all the new building going on within a few blocks, I think this will look like a smart move in 4 or 5 years.

  • Great location. Good deal. I think this is worth a least $600k in two years. This neighborhood is oddly under appreciated — really just needs a lil time for people to catch on.

    I count 4 real bedrooms if you include the basement bedroom. Put in a $15k kitchen, wall off the laundry, get a different bedroom window that can be used for egress, and I think you can do a gray market rental pretty easily.

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