(Future Apartment) House of the Day

Thanks to a reader for sending a heads up that this apartment building at 1433 T St, NW has been completely gutted. It’s such a beautiful building I can’t wait to see how the reno turns out. Anyone know if it’ll be rentals or condos?

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  • Boy I hope it becomes rentals! What a fantastic spot to live!

  • They evicted everyone at the end of 2011. Lots of big families and long time residents were living here, but a large part of the building had been either condemned or vacant for a while and the building was a big mess. From what I understand the owners are renovating, no clue if it will stay subsidized housing or not. I don’t know how it works, but my guess: not.

  • Rentals. I asked one of the contractors as I passed by. 37 units, I think.

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