Friday Question of the Day – What are you most looking forward to with the warm weather?

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It’s been a rough week with crime and accidents so I need a fun Friday Question of the Day. Not to mention the weather was so unbelievably beautiful yesterday. So it got me thinking about what I’m most looking forward to with the coming warm weather:

Cherry blossoms and other flowers blooming around town. (Park Service announced peek cherry blossom blooms for between March 24 and March 31)

Outdoor/roof deck dining and drinking. (It’s great to have Standard back at 14th and S St, NW)

And, finally, I can’t wait to go hit the beach!

For today’s FQotD – what are you most looking forward to doing with the coming warm weather?

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  • Getting back into my garden.

  • The sun not going down until after 8, green grass and leafy trees, lightning bugs, wearing shorts, outdoor concerts, baseball games, beach, beach and more beach.

  • Outdoor sex.

  • Longer days, and Brookside Gardens!

  • My annual Cape Cod vacation, CSA veggies and fruits, wearing dresses without tights, and outdoor movies!

  • I am not looking forward to it. I dread the DC summer so much.

    • I’m with you. The only upside is longer days. Other than that, it just means tourists, sweltering heat, more freckles, and sweating on my way to work.

    • Also agreed. I’ve never lived in a place more miserable than DC summers. Longer days are about the only thing I enjoy. Was robbed of a winter this year on top of it.

      • LOL glad to have found some comrades, I love Spring and Fall in Dc but really hate most of the summer.

        • DC Summers = sweat, mosquitoes. July and August are downright awful.

          • the past 3 years we’ve had nice summers imho. maybe last 2. but they were atypical.

          • I don’t think the recent summers have been any better than usual. The past two summers I had relatives visiting from India who refused to leave our house because it was too hot out. I think that’s saying a lot!

      • I’m OK with the summers mainly because we usually get nice winters to balance it out. But this year we got a crappy winter, so I’m not going to be happy if we get a super hot and humid summer.

    • I’m looking forward to slopping through another summer with AC.

      I saw daffodils yesterday and suddenly panicked that my nights of sleeping in 65 degree temperatures are very limited.

  • evenings on the front porch, bread/cheese from farmer’s market, watching kids toss a football on the street

  • Sticking my feet in the fountain at the National Gallery sculpture garden after a nice, long walk down to the Mall.

  • Allison

    Going to Meridian Hill park, laying in the sun, and watching people play with their puppies! And annoying the ducks.

  • Longer days and taking our new puppy for long walks.

  • Sitting on the front pouch and getting to know my neighbors. Seems like every time it’s nice out, I meet someone new! I’m also extremely excited for the new Wangari Gardens!

  • Kayaking, and the opening of rooftop bars.

  • The extended daylight and backyard/Garden BBQs drinking wine and smoking cigars with friends.


  • 1. an early morning run followed up with a cup of coffee, the newspaper and npr on the porch.

    2. chilling in the adirondack chairs with a cold beer, friends, the pup, and a ballgame on the radio.

  • putting away the winter coats and scarves!

  • The patio at darnell’s

  • tank tops
    sitting on my balcony sipping wine
    walking my dog in the daylight
    cute summer dresses
    flip flops

  • Sunday drum circle at Meridian Hill/ Malcolm X Park

  • Naked legs and farmer’s markets. But most importantly, outdoor drinking!

  • Baseball games, daylight until 8:30, jazz in the park, having a tan, sundresses, sandals, and shorts, blonder hair. This Florida girl can’t wait for spring and summer.

  • Burgers on the grill, spending an afternoon with a book under my dogwood tree, cute summer dresses and sandals, summer fruits, lots of family birthdays, homemade ice cream.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Warm weather, humidity, summer veggies and sandals!

  • I still haven’t been to the aquatic gardens, but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed if I go now, so I can’t wait for warmer weather and things to be in bloom.

  • Shirtless Georgetown students.

  • Everything. Except for tourists. But even they are a fair trade for longer days, sundresses, outside dining and drinking, fresh produce, and SUNSHINE! I love summer.

  • Reading this thread makes me so happy! Great FQotD, Pop!!

    Early AM sunshine!!
    My birthday.
    Sitting outside with a beer wishing the evening would never end.
    Lazy days outside with my favorite people.

  • Having a baby (due in June)! Being able to drink again and drinking on our porch! Sundresses! Daylight! Gardening!

    Not excited about mosquitoes, heat waves, and no sleep…

  • claire

    A lot of my favorite warm weather things have already been mentioned (farmers’ markets, bare legs, longer daylight), but my absolute favorite thing is being able to walk everywhere!

    • I find summer to be the only time I can’t walk everywhere. If I’m wearing a dress or nice blouse it gets gross and I have to leave very early in the morning to walk to work so I don’t have to shower again by the time I get there. And when I walk over a few blocks my makeup runs down my face and I sweat my sunblock off. I’ve really enjoyed taking 5+ mile weekend jaunts around the city this fall/winter and I’m sad it’ll be too uncomfortable to do that soon.

      • Yeah, if you can’t stand walking in winter weather (especially this winter) you’re either a total wimp, don’t know how to dress properly for cold weather, or aren’t walking fast enough. As long as it’s not windy I can walk for hours on a cold day.

        • claire

          Well, the question was about warm weather not just summer, and I think most would not argue that the spring is ideal for walking!

          Also I must be a wimp because I cannot stand walking in cold weather. Part of me will be cold – especially my ears and fingers (even when wearing earmuffs/hat and gloves – which are also really inconvenient for peripheral vision, hearing things, using a phone, and handling anything with precision) – while I’m simultaneously sweating! I actually find I have the worst sweating issues in the winter (at least in summer it’s a bit more socially acceptable to have pit stains). Admittedly this surprisingly mild winter hasn’t been as bad as most, but I will still be glad to traipse around the city in some real spring weather!

  • Saving money on my gas bill – until it gets hot and then the electric bill goes back up.

  • sundresses, flip flops, toms, being able to run outside, ice cream, jazz in the sculpture garden.

    oh, and i’m getting married this summer!

  • Mountain biking in shorts and fishing without waders.

  • Women much younger than myself wearing very little clothing and walking past the cafe where I’m installed.

    There. I said it.

  • The end of hockey season? I’m tired of vying for my fiancee’s attention! Caps games are one thing, but Center Ice is a whole other beast.

  • Gardening, and enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of my labors. Leaving my windows open. Sunshine.

  • biking everywhere!
    farmers markets
    my garden is going to be outta hand this year.

  • humidity. seriously – my sinuses have had it easier than usual given the mild winter we’ve been having, but when summer comes I can say goodbye to sinus headaches, yay! oh, and switching from my “no-skirt” policy (during winter) to my “no-pants” policy (hello spring/summer!)

  • Growing tomatoes in my backyard
    Screen on the Green
    Jazz in the Sculpture Garden
    reading outside
    Drummers in Malcolm X park (and the whole atmosphere)
    my 30th birthday (eek!)
    just being outside in general

  • Taking my bike off the trainer and riding regularly on the local trails.

    Sitting outside with a drink, a cigar, a good book and my dog.

    Playing lots of outdoor blues festivals and concerts.

  • Soccer season. Go DC United!

  • finishing up a round of golf at almost 9pm

  • Allison

    Oo! Oo! Everyone forgot to say Screen on the Green at the Nat’l Mall!

  • I’m looking forward to watching all the tulips I planted break the surface of the soil and bloom. I’m looking forward to replanting my elephant ear bulbs, sunlight until late in the evening, breezy summer nights, Fourth of July, roof top decks and going to the pool.

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