Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

This rental is located at 1301 15th St NW:

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The listing says:

“Stunning Renovated Studio Apartment Home!!!

Apartment Features:
• Large living space
• Brand new modern renovations
• Updated kitchen with new appliances
• Microwave
• Updated bathroom
• Beautiful hardwood floors
• Ceiling Fan
• Art Deco building
• Bright, sunny exposure
• Hot water and heat included
• Business Center w/free Wi-Fi
• On-Site Laundry Facility w/card reader
• Lovely Courtyard Garden
• Rooftop Sundeck”

This studio is going for $1442.

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  • I like the separate area for the bed at least. Too bad they don’t allow pets.

  • The pictures are “of a similar apartment” so assuming it’s not a bait & switch, it looks like a pretty nice layout for a studio, in good condition, and in a great location.

  • I like it. I might move here from Silver Spring next year…but I’d have to give up my in-unit W/D. 🙁

  • $1442 spent per month for the studio, $1442 spent per month at Churchkey.

  • The Miramar! Anyone who went to GW will notice that this is the exact same layout as a Thurston quad.

    • Same floor, too! If only the Thurston quads at least had that alcove!

      (…Remember the garbage elevator?)

  • This building has done a number of upgrades over the years. The location is 5 star; literally a few blocks to anything you might need. The window a/c units are not a big selling point, but maybe they can handle the DC heat?

    The price seems to be the market rate for the area. Great starter place for recent college grad who wants to be near everything and doesn’t own a car. Or for someone trying to get out of a bad living situation fast and cheap.

    • So, I understand that you say this because DC is an insane rental market, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand how $1442/month can be considered in any way cheap. I’m five years out of college and make about $2k/month after taxes….there’s no way in heck I could afford this.

      • For the area, this is fairly cheap. Go 1 block north to P Street and check out the prices for the smallest studios at the Hudson or DeSoto. There may be a few other buildings that are less expensive nearby, but they will have fewer amenities and even fewer vacancies.

        • You’re conflating “value” with “cheap”. This studio is in no way “cheap”. It might be a good value for its location (although I still hold that nearly $1500/mo for a studio is overpriced), but it isn’t “cheap”.

          For example, I might get a deal on a new Mercedes E Class for $45k. For a Mercedes E Class, that’s a good value. But I’d be an ass if I walked around telling everyone how “cheap” my new Mercedes was.

          • +1.

            I don’t think that $1,442/month constitutes a “[g]reat starter place for [a] recent college grad”… unless said recent college grad is an investment banker.

  • Rented an apartment there June 2010 for $1173. Different layout but lots of storage. It was incredibly hot in the colder months as the heat was blasting and there was nothing you could do except to open the windows and perpetuate a vicious cycle

    • Allison

      Huh, I wonder if what you just said explains something odd I noticed a few months ago: at the Meridian Hill Howard University dorms, I would see numerous windows thrown open in the dead of winter, at below freezing temperatures. Wonder if they have an overheating problem.

      • it was similar when i lived at 1500 mass ave. would have to open windows. NOW in my current place, i can’t get warm enough in the winter and have huge electric bills. can’t win.

        • Yep, I have my windows open nearly every day of the year since they blast the heating in my building and I can’t control it all. Just glad I don’t have to pay for it (directly at least).

  • I got excited about this place and then…………… pets. Sigh.

  • Wow! I lived in this place when I moved here 14 years ago. It was definitely not a prime location back then, and pre-renovation it was not in great shape: only a half-sized fridge and pretty shabby kitchen, and no closet door. But it’s a solid building (you can’t hear ANYTHING from neighboring apartments), and the window AC units had no problem keeping it cool in the summer. And the rent was… $350/month. Wow!

  • Lived here for three years and moved out about a month ago – not a bad place but there can be roach issues. And they skyrocketed the rent (I was playing almost $300 less) for an identical apartment.

  • I am interested in this unit! How do I get a hold of the appropriate person?

  • I have checked this building and it sucks. The apartments are nasty and ugly. I have no idea where they got that picture because it doesnt look like the interior of the apartments they have for rent. Plus, the apartment doors are from the 1930s. Do not waste your time looking at these apartment at the Miramar.

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