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  • Out of curiosity, what happened to Tom Tom’s? Anyone know why it closed?

  • Looking sharp. I think we me be getting to the point where people start saying they DO want to be another Adams Morgan.

    • Good changes are happening to Adams Morgan but it’s got a ways to go from losing its rep as the suburbanites’ vomitorium & the latenight shooty/stabby tendencies of the bar patrons.

    • …Which before long will be the same as saying they want to be another Gallery Place.

  • They closed for renovations. No other reason. Understand that they are hiring a chef and it will be a restaurant when they reopen. No word on the new name though.

  • Wow! That looks really attractive. More of this type of thing!

    (And less of the garish paint colors… the place next door is pushing it with all the purple (especially the awnings), and the SILVER paint for that place Chloe’s up by McDonald’s was way too much.)

  • I was talking with the owner back in November and he said that he wasn’t satisfied with the clientelle. He was planning to get rid of the entire staff as many of the people that came were friend of staff members who would hook them up with free drinks and cause issues. His goal as he explained was to take a month or two during the winter to change the image through renovation, rebranding, and a new staff,

  • Too many hookah joints on that drag.

  • Its my friend’s dad’s place. Same owner of tomtom will be in charge of the new business. more than likely will be named Torch. They are looking for a great chef if anyone can make any suggestions. The owners of tomtom also own peyote, roxanne, brass monkey, and spaghetti garden. They are the pioneers of the adams morgan bar scene. Business wasn’t bad they just wanted to try something new.

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