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  • saf

    Take a walk along Piney Branch and say hello to the snowdrops too.

  • I remember pre-Isabel when that bank was fullly treed.

  • Um, they’re daffodils. OK, they’re flowers, too. I actually do like the simple blooms. While a tad early, given the warm winter we’ve been having, it makes sense they are making an early appearance this year. Hopefully a rogue frost won’t kill all the beauty that’s already percolating.

  • Those daffs have actually been blooming for many weeks now.

  • This morning I noticed a couple daffodils (flowers) blooming in my front yard under my dogwood tree.

    I love my neighborhood this time of year! (said like pauly d)

  • Rock Creek Conservancy has a project to plant more flowers–daffodils and wildflowers–on Rock Creek Parkway south of the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge. If you would like to donate to the project to give flowers in honor of someone special (a birthday or memorial gift), you can give at rockcreekconservancy.org.

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