Esquire Magazine Nominates List of Favorite Hamburgers – Where’s Your Favorite?

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Locals and chains represented in DC that made the Esquire list include Black & Orange, Ray’s Hell Burger and Shake Shack. I was actually just talking burgers last night so now’s as good a time as any – where’s your favorite burger in DC?

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  • Gourmet: Central

    Bar: Tune Inn

    Fast casual: Shake Shack

    Drier than Oscar Wilde: Good Stuff

    • clevelanddave

      I find GS to be greasy actually. Love the Ray’s Hellburger, and if you haven’t tried the burger at Palena or BLT Steak for a gourmet burger they are certainly among the best…

  • citronelle

  • I really shakes and burgers at BTS in Foggy Bottom.

  • In order:
    Bobby’s Burger Palace
    Shake Shack
    Good Stuff
    Z Burger
    Five Guys/Black & Orange

  • I dont eat red meat, so my choices are more limited, but they best turkey burger I have had is Bobby’s Burger Palace’s Crunchburger. I think the key is the extra slice of cheese.

    I have to say a close second is the turkey burger at Flip It on Georgia Ave. You can even order it with turkey bacon! Mmm. I know what I am having for lunch. Thanks PoP.

  • I’m a big fan of Meridian Pint’s Cali Burger.

  • The one at Red Palace is actually really good. Half price on Tuesdays too. It’s good enough that I don’t mind paying full price, though.

  • Straight Outta’ Dublin from The Big Board on H St. Burger is: Marinated with Guinness and Muscovado sugar. Topped with Irish Cheddar, braised cabbage & Jameson pan gravy

  • I’ve never had a gourmet burger, but for my $6, it doesn’t need to get any better than 5 Guys. I was underwhelmed with Shake Shack.

  • Ray’s with sweet potato fries is hard to beat

  • Hate to do it, but since it hasn’t been mentioned and very much deserves to be mentioned, I’ll go outside the city to bethesda, and woodmont grill’s hickory burger. shredded chedder and cabbage, onions, BBQ sauce… SOLID!

  • Palena. Best burger I’ve had in DC. For cheap burgers – Elevation Burger or Z Burger.

  • Quarry House!

  • I hate to be “that” person, but can we start a side discussion on where to get the best veggie burger?

    • I’m a fan of the mushroom burger at Good Stuff. I also think Open City’s veggie burger is decent

      • Meridian Pint – Lentil Barley burger, mother earth style, on a ciabatta bun. Side of sweet potatoes.

        Sometimes I change up the “style” but I always go back to the Mother Earth version. The burger is great because it’s not fake meat, but also doesn’t fall apart like some versions. Also doesn’t have any extraneous veggies.

      • about 6 years ago I had the most delicious vegetarian burger at Temperance Hall. anybody know if this recipe is still being made somewhere? I sort of refuse to eat veggie burgers because none of them will live up to this experience. much better than any beef burger I’ve had.

        • @Anonymous 1:28–regarding the veggie burger 6 years ago at Temperance Hall, IMHO all of the food at TH was amazing. I recently tried to track down the chef at that time, Della, and was unsuccessful. I hope she is doing well, she was a great chef and a lovely woman.

          Best Burger- Central, hands down.

          • Agree about the veggie burger (and I’m not vegetarian) and about Della. She was so nice. She’d sometimes bring in something she had cooked at home just to share with staff and customers. Black eyed peas, for example.

    • talula

      I’ve eaten many veggie/black bean burgers, and hands down the best veggie burger option in the world is the ‘Shroom Burger from Shake Shack. It’s a crispy battered and fried portobello mushroom cap filled with muenster cheese. It is outrageously delicious. Even my red meat loving friends will order this over their beef burgers.

    • I’m a red meat eater who occasionally orders veggie burgers and I like the mushroom ones at Shake Shack and Good Stuff. For something that’s more like an actual burger party, I like Black Squirrel’s veggie burger (though I know the owner’s politics are not for everyone).

    • Science Club has a great veggie burger!

  • 1. BGR
    2. Shake Shack
    3. Five Guys

  • My favorite is Shake Shack and Red Derby’s. Derby’s morning burger on weekend brunch is pretty amazing.

    Bobby’s Burger Place is always a let down for me, and I’m NOT a fan of their fries and their weak fry sauce.

    I’ve been eager to try Orange and BTS. Oh and I haven’t had Z-Burger yet but will try once Columbia Heights one is finally open. Hopefully it’s a step above Five Guys which I’ve tired of.

  • meh. I’m generally disappointed with the Cadillac burgers in this town. Paying too much money in my opinion.

    my house: Organic Butcher’s ground sirloin, lightly salted/peppered/garlic powdered cooked on a hot cast iron pan, finished off with a toasted bun, homemade pickle slices and grainy mustard. maybe a slice of aged cheddar.

  • The burger at Smith Commons was near perfection when I went there about a month ago.

  • 1. Ray’s
    2. BGR
    3. Z-Burger (less greasy version of Five Guys, but fewer locations)
    4. Five Guys

  • Elevation burger!

  • Meridian Pint and the Redy Derby!

  • Not a meat eater, but my favorite veggie burger is at Tonic.

  • I don’t trust anyone who likes shake shack. ;P

  • For “fast gourmet,” here’s my top 10:
    1. Shake Shack
    2. Black and Orange
    3. Five Guys
    4. BGR
    5. Elevation Burger
    6. Good Stuff Eatery
    7. Bobby’s Burgers
    8. Ray’s
    9. BTS (sooo greasy)
    10. Z Burger

    • My fast Casual choices:
      1. BGR
      2. Ray’s
      3. Good Stuff
      4. BTS
      5. Five Guys/ Z-Burger (Z’s Onion Rings are killer though)
      7. Shake Shack

      Maybe they were bad days but I’ve had Black and Orange and Elevation Burger and they were absolutely awful. And Elevation Burger might have the worst fries I’ve ever eaten.

  • Southside 815 in Alexandria – cooked perfectly to your taste (medium rare for me!) with bacon and cheese on top along with a side of mashed sweet potatoes. Delicious.

  • Green chile cheesburger grilled over mesquite off my own grill. But if I have to pay someone else…Ray’s or Five Guys

  • For those that haven’t had the burger at Palena… please don’t, because I selfishly don’t want to wait that long for a table. It is without question the best overall burger in DC.

    Now if we’re talking fast casual, I like good old Five Guys. Shake Shack is good but overrated, the bun at Ray’s is terrible and the meat doesn’t stay together and Z-burger is just plain gross. Meanwhile, BGR is WAY overpriced and Black & Orange does a decent job.

    One place that hasn’t been mentioned is Big Buns, I’d say that’s #3 in my book.

  • Similar to some other folks, I like, among the chains, 1. BGR (although last time I went it was off, every other time has been great), 2. Shake Shack, 3. Ray’s, 4. Five Guys (although number one for fries among that group). Have yet to try Z Burger, come on and open up already in CH!

  • springroadintoaction

    Always been a fan of the Harry’s burger, but it has been awhile, and that was from the time before there were a million gourmet burger joints around town.

  • I think they put crack in the mini sliders at Matchbox.

    • They are definitely among my favorites, too! I always think that I’m going to order pizza next time I go there since their pizzas are quite good, as well, but I am always drawn back into the mini burgers.

  • As a former Washingtonian now living on the west coast, I am going to let you in on a big secret. The best burgers for the price are at East Potomac Golf Course. You may get some attitude and have to wait a bit, but I challenge anyone to find a better burger in DC.

  • PDleftMtP

    Three very different burgers, two mentioned by others, one y’all need to know about it: Ray’s, Palena…and the burger at Dino’s in Cleveland Park. It is seriously awesome. It used to be bar only, but it was so popular it’s now the only non-Italian thing on the regular menu.

  • Jack’s on 18th St and K has a great turkey burger, frankly. And, I love Bobby Flay’s, but I’d say the best by far is the Ray’s the Steaks in our own Marshall Heights. Ward 7 ftw!

  • Bobby’s burger palace is awesome!

  • Bobby’s burger palace and BGR are the best around!

  • Wonderland Ballroom actually has my favorite burgers – the Sausage burger is nice, as is the Chipotle Black Bean Burger for the Vegically-inclined.

  • Quarry House (side o’ tots, fried pickles, Abita)

  • The burger at 1905 is absolutely my favorite gourmet burger in DC (topped with brie cheese and other deliciousness). They serve it with a side salad instead of fries, which always kind of annoys me, but the burger itself is incredible.

  • Cleveland Park Bar & Grill has been deeply and incorrectly overlooked by this conversation. They do fried eggs on burgers, it’s awesome

  • Lindys Red Lion by GW. No question.

  • It’s gotta be Ray’s for me, but I’m glad someone mentioned Big Buns. I’ve only eaten there once, but it was quality.

  • Thunder Burger in Georgetown. It’s overpriced (I know, I know, it’s Georgetown), but I’ll cough up the dough for such deliciousness.

  • As a relocated Californian, I was so excited to learn there was a Counter Burger in the area. Hands down fave, and has been for years. Too bad it’s out in Reston…

  • BGR is the truth. Shake Shake is beyond overrated and their frozen crinkle cut fries are insulting. Only tried Z Burger once and thought it sucked.

    Thanks to all the Palena endorsements – I need to check that burger out.

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