Did Anyone Witness a Car Accident at 18th and Connecticut Ave, NW Thurs. Evening?

Dear PoPville,

I saw a kid get hit by a car Thursday night [around 11pm] on Connecticut Ave [and 18th St,NW] its is was pretty bad. Not sure if he survived and I can’t seem to find any coverage on it for some reason.

With that said I’ve complained to the city multiple times about the cross walk timers being off from one side of the four lane to the other side buy roughly 8 seconds. I knew this was going to be tragic one day and it just so happened Thursday night while I was standing right there.

Another reader writes:

“I saw a pedestrian on crutches get hit by a car in the crosswalk of Connecticut Ave. near Jefferson Pl around 11:00pm. He was in pretty bad shape and was eventually taken to the hospital. I tried to find information about what exactly happened and how the pedestrian is doing this morning, but was unable to find anything.”

Has anyone else seen any news reports or happen to know what happened?

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  • Christ I walk through that intersection daily – hopefully they get those timers fixed and add cross-time. I hate when I need to cross four lanes of traffic PLUS a median on 18 seconds or less.

    • I’m not familiar with that crossing – what is the issue there? Just not enough time to actually get across?

      • There are two cross signals. One is timed to get you to the median only (which isn’t a median, just a double set of double yellows about 6 feet apart), the other one gets you to the other side. The delay is about 12 seconds if I remember. If you are only paying attention to the countdown timer in the median, the one physically closest to you, you may not think the northbound traffic has a green. They should really move the left turn arrow for Jefferson St to the beginning of the cycle and remove this stupid timing.

        • Oh, I think I do know this one. This is crossing Conn. from the tip of the little park over to the Lucky Bar?

          • talula

            Yes, that’s the one. I hate having to wait in the middle of Conn Ave for the northbound lanes to have a red light. As Anon said, its very easy to think your walk signal applies to both north and south bound traffic especially if you’re crossing the intersection for the first time or you’re not fully paying attention because there’s no actual median or curb or anything to wait on for the northbound walk signal, its just a small area in the middle of the lanes.

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