Dear PoPville – What’s Going on with the 14th and Q St, NW Laundry?

Dear PoPville,

I’ve noticed the infamous homeless guy who was living on the outside of the run down laundry building is no longer there. Do you think they could be ready to start construction on the rumored restaurant there? Additionally, there’s no trespassing signs on the window and PepCo was at the building two weeks ago doing work.

I also noticed the homeless man, Michael and things had been removed:

In early Feb. we learned that a Voluntary Agreement has been signed paving the way for construction to begin on the new restaurant by Stephen Starr to be called Parc Deux. Looks like things are indeed moving forward. They’ve also applied for an outdoor seating area. We’ll revisit as construction progresses.

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  • Infamous homeless guy disappears and suddenly, they’re opening a restaurant? I’d pass on the artisanal soylent green if I was you.

    I take it that whole walls-saturated-with-dry-cleaning-residue problem is all abated?

  • I think they applied for the permits, and posted the signs to give Michael time to find other accomodations. It doesn’t seem like they forcibly removed him. He was pleasant and kept to himself, however I can’t say that I’m not gald to no longer have to walk past him on a Saturday afternoon as he is doing laundry in the middle of the sidewalk…

  • I’ve known Michael for a few years. Hope he hasn’t moved too far away.

  • Walked by on Saturday afternoon and there were a couple guys cleaning the stuff up. It was pretty amazing to see what had been hiding under those tarps. And even more amazing to think that a person had been living in there. It was literally a trash heap, and they were shoveling it into the back of a truck.

  • I hope Michael finds somewhere else on 14th street to set up camp so we can continue to enjoy his wisdom. His recycling efforts are praiseworthy.

  • Looks like construction is underway today. Finally.

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