Dear PoP – What’s Going on at the Corner Market in Adams Morgan?

Dear PoP,

Do you know anything the Corner Market on Florida at Seaton Pl? You last posted in 2008. It’s been closed since we moved in nearby a year ago, but my girlfriend recently saw what looked like a fancy reception/dinner party going on inside.

We walk by almost every day and wish it was just that- a corner market or Dupont Market-ish place.

I stopped by on Sunday and ran into the new owner who told me it will be home to District Design, an architecture and design firm.

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  • I wanted to like that place because it’s a good place for a corner store but I had two bad experiences… one, I accidentally bought an expired juice and didn’t notice til I was out the door. They wouldn’t let me return or exchange it. And another time, I bought something small (under $1) and paid with a $5. I got change back for a $1 and the cashier didn’t believe me that I paid with a $5. So, after those two experiences I never went back.

  • I used to live around the corner from this place when it first opened, and I always thought it was sketchy. It was never open–they had signs about coffee and muffins but often didn’t open until late in the morning, and would be closed at times when you’d think a corner grocery store would do a lot of business like after work hours and Friday evenings–and their inventory looked like someone just bought a few things at Costco and opened the boxes and put the individual packs out on the shelves. It was weird.

  • 5 or 6 years ago (more, maybe) the place was Caplan’s Market, a complete dump of a convenience store. Their business consisted largely of blunt wrappers and beer. The building got sold, possibly to the current owner, but I’m not sure about that. Shortly after the renovation some people wanted to start a bakery in the space and sent an email around to the neighborhood asking for neighbors’ support in getting a zoning exception. That never happened, and the current owner just kept it going as the world’s most inconvenient convenience store. For a while the guy was talking about a vegan deli moving in, but those plans must have fallen apart too.

    I’m not sure how the current plans are happening, as the building was zoned for residential use with a special exception for a grocery store only. Any other commercial use needs to get an additional exception, and as far as I know they’ve never sent notice to the neighborhood about a zoning hearing or anything.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing it illegally. A few years ago the owner illegally commandeered public space to put an ATM on the sidewalk, complete with flashing lights. A bunch of neighbors called DDOT and got that eyesore removed, but the buy is a terrible neighbor.

  • Carmel Greer- the woman behind District Design- is a highly skilled architect very familiar with DC, including permitting headaches. I guarantee she is doing everything correctly and I think she’ll be an awesome addition to the neighborhood.

    • If she bought the building, great. Anyone would beat the guy who’s been sitting on it the past few years.

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