DC Reynolds Opens With Huge Back Patio at 3628 Georgia Ave, NW

The eagerly anticipated DC Reynolds soft opened last night at 3628 Georgia Ave, NW, a couple blocks south of the Petworth metro. As expected the back patio is ridiculously awesome:

After the jump have a look at the inside including the soft opening menu

1st floor seats

2nd floor kitchen

Dart boards, upon entry

Jukebox, upon entry

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  • That outdoor patio looks spectacular – so exciting!

  • When is the, ummm, hard opening?

  • Nice! Really pleased to have this in the neighborhood; I’ll have to check it out soon!

  • Very well-priced. I like a small menu like this to be honest. I think it makes sense for the restaurant/bar and the patrons, since you’d hope a small menu is easier to execute and keep fresh rather than a Cheesecake Factory book of mediocrity.

  • Went last night for the first time and sat on the patio. Met the owners and they are great guys who seems really committed to the neighborhood and creating a great local place to hang out. Even better…the happy hour. Buy one get one free, from 5-9pm! Looking forward to many evenings on the patio this summer. Welcome to Parkview!

  • Hey, speaking of which, does anyone know if Chez Billy is open yet? I keep meaning to check that place out, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    • I went for a run down Georgia on Tuesday and it wasn’t open yet. The fencing is gone though, so it looks like it’s getting close.

  • I went. It was great. I will be spending a lot of time on that patio this spring/summer. 🙂

  • I’m glad to see they’re in compliance with the District statute that says every operational jukebox installed in a bar or tavern must contain one copy of The Best Of U2 1980-1990.

  • Anyone spare a thought for the people living in those houses that overlook the back patio?

    • I was thinking the same thing. People tend to get obnoxiously loud after they’ve had a few drinks.

    • Maybe they shouldn’t have bought in a commercial/residential zone…

      • They were there before the patio. We’ll see who wins in the end. Hopefully everyone can live together in peace.

        • So? The Native Americans were there before they were. This whole NIMBY debate about who was where first is a bit pedantic, IMHO. I agree with the other commenter… if you didn’t want to live near a bar, you should have bought in a place zoned strictly residential. On a more macro level, if you didn’t want to deal with noisy city life, you should have bought a place in Manassas. Also, don’t feel too sorry for those residents. Every time a new business comes to that area and transforms it from a wasteland to an increasingly desirable part of town, those folks’ property value goes up. Communities change, and no resident has a permanent monopoly on them. The good news is that you can always move.

          • +1 on point

            yes in my backyard!

          • The good news is that you can always move? So glad that you’ve taken the time to examine the circumstances of every resident of that block to be certain that’s the case.

          • I can’t believe you are so naive that you think the suburbs are automatically quiet.

        • And before them was five generations of someone else, and other businesses, they didn’t build the houses, or the streets, those people are dead. It’s not a matter of who was there first. The person there first does not set the rules for the rest of the city, if that were the case, it would all still be Native land.

          As sad as it is for them now, those people bought close to buildings that were zoned commercial. They were short-sighted if they didn’t think of disturbances down the road. If they wanted a peaceful house, they should have bought at least 1 block away from any commercial buildings. No one forced them to buy there. Now if the buildings were re-zoned after they moved in, now that’s a different story.

          • Had the DC BRAUtwurst last night and a few beers to go along with it. Amazing.

            Friendly staff. Plenty of seating. Can’t say enough good things about the welcomed addition to our neighborhood.

        • Georgia Ave was a commercial corridor long before any of the current homeowners were homeowners.

          Plus, this is not a place in AdMo that is going to attracting randoms from MD and VA etc. This is going to be a place where people from the neighborhood come to gather. Welcome to the neighborhood, can’t wait to come check it out!

          • Because the people who live close to Georgia Avenue are very, very quiet and polite when they’ve had too much to drink, unlike “randoms” from Maryland and Virginia. And God forbid, you get someone who is from Pennsylvania on that patio. You’ll be able to hear them cackling all the way down in Shaw!

          • You know what I meant.

            The people who will be going to this place are not the same clowns who are out drinking 40s and peeing in alleyways. Good point though! Thanks for contributing!

        • “We’ll see who wins in the end”???

          I think DC Reynolds won. They got the alcohol license and the outdoor seating permit. They’re operational. The battle, if there ever was one, is over.

    • Maybe the city needs to plan these things better. I seriously doubt the people who bought or are renting anticipated having to live next door to a crazy party each and every night. Bring in the alcohol and everyone becomes an extravert, competing to to see who can be the loudest. It will quickly become intolerable for most of those people and the rental/buying price will have to drop to compensate for the inconvenience.

      • Ha. The people who need to “plan better” are the people who let a realtor sell them a place that backs up on a commercial strip expecting quiet! Blame the people who bought a place (even 60 years ago) knowing that it had commercial places behind it, and then bitch when those commercial places get used! Who buys a house, looking out on a commercial building, and counts on the fact that it will always be quiet? I assume people from the suburbs who have no idea what city life is like, but dream of living in a vibrant neighborhood, until they do.

    • I agree! It is tough. I love the benefits of a patio when i am a patron, but I’d hate to deal with the noise at night. I overhear the guys at the Jamaican place across from Looking Glass discussing ideas for a back patio. I started crying on the inside because, if they do it, that patio will be right by my back yard!

    • I asked the owner about the residents last night. he said he reached out to all of them individually and did not get any push back. he also worked with our ANC Commissioner as well on the Voluntary Agreement. they are not playing any music outside (at least for now, not sure about the future). These folks certainly had the opportunity to weigh in at the ANC meeting, in person or at ABRA. Hopefully it will be a good relationship.

      • slickhop

        1) this place looks amazing
        2) i’m a little nervous its going to be hella loud (my place is juuuuust shy of overlooking the patio)
        3) i cosign the wish for a veggie “entree” besides mac & cheese or salad. it will perhaps make me forgive point 2.

    • Well, there’s already the group of drunks that hangs out behind the houses to the right of the photo (at the mouth of the alley off of Princeton Place) and the group of drunks that hangs out outside the front of one of the pictured houses on the New Hampshire Ave side, so it’s not like this is a quiet neighborhood.

      Plus, looking at the zoning for the parcel in question, it’s been C-2-A or C-2-B for at least 22 years (zoning variance request for an auto repair garage in 1990). Doing a PIVS search for some of the NH Ave houses shows sale dates in the mid 2000s, meaning the owners knew they were buying lots abutting commercial zoning at the time of sale.

      The bar did sign a voluntary agreement http://anc1a.org/Voluntary%20Agreements/3628-3630%20Georgia%20Avenue%20DC%20Reynolds.pdf in which it agreed to noise abatement measures for the summer garden.

      Long story short, if you don’t want to deal with the possibility of noise, don’t move next to a commercial corridor. There are plenty of R-4 or R-5 zones that don’t abut C zoning.

      • “[I]f you don’t want to deal with the possibility of noise, don’t move next to a commercial corridor. There are plenty of R-4 or R-5 zones that don’t abut C zoning.”

        This should probably be the first comment on every future “new bar patio” thread.

  • I’d totally become a doubting Thomas about businesses in Petworth/Parkview opening, but I’m starting to believe after 3 Little Pigs and now DC Reynolds are open. Hopefully, Chez Billy opening and construction starting on the new Safeway won’t be far behind!

  • That’s how you do it

  • Cannot wait to try DC Reynolds!!! So pumped

  • I went last night and it was awesome! Loved the fries. I did wonder about whether there was a curfew on the patio. It was almost half full but still fairly quiet and low key when I was there – hopefully that sort of vibe will reign and keep it from being too much of a nuisance for the neighbors.

  • Place looks great!

  • springroadintoaction

    This place looks/sounds awesome. I’m pretty psyched. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • I’m definitely excited about this place. It’s getting easier and easier to not leave my neighborhood on Saturday night!

    I have two really important suggestions: (1) a small menu is fine, but please try to distinguish yourselves from every other bar menu around here, (2) keep good relations with the neighbors by voluntarily agreeing to close the outdoor patio at a reasonable hour, like midnight on the weekends, even if you are legally permitted to stay open late out there

  • See you tonight, DC Reynolds. Welcome to the neighborhood, we will be good friends.

  • Thanks for all the comments everyone! We had an awesome first two nights, and we appreciate all of the feedback that we’ve gotten from the community. We look forward to meeting all of you!

    – The DC Reynolds Guys

  • Please do singles parties (nights dedicated to single people). Then I’ll be all for it. If you live in the city, noise should be the least of your concerns — Residents: Insulate your house well and get good (double pane) windows and STFU… Welcome to the hood.

    • Says (let me guess) the recent suburb ex-pat, who thinks the city was built as nothing but a playground for single 20-30 somethings. You think anyone who doesn’t want to hear you should move out to the burbs (where you probably grew up- and think they were always there for that).

      Generations of people grew up in the city, I remember as a small kid noise was a concern of everyone in my DC neighborhood, I agree that people complaining about it close to a commercial strip are wrong, but just to dismiss it as no concern “in the city” is a cliche of 21st century yuppie-dom. Guess what every “hood” inside town was not built for you to party in.

      • I’m not from the suburbs… Lived here for over 20 years now. I actually live right on that strip and I’m excited because this will mean higher property values, safer streets, and closer night life. If you see this as an opportunity to fight against business growth, then you obviously liked the neighborhood when it was desolate and abandoned, maybe you should move to Detroit.

    • maybe if your attitude wasn’t so bogus you wouldn’t need “singles nights”.

  • Haven’t seen anything on what’s on tap there – can anybody that’s been give us an idea?

  • This is very exciting and I can’t wait to visit. I’m so excited that I’ll gladly dodge flying darts just to get in the front door. Save me a bar stool!

  • How about a vegetarian entree option on the menu? I get that you’re trying to keep it simple, but a grilled portabella sandwich or some such shouldn’t be too hard…

  • I believe those drunks who hang out on Princeton are actually really nice guys who work long hours at physically grueling jobs. To dismiss them or any neighbors smacks of such privilege it’s disgusting.

    • Having come from generations of people who worked grueling jobs, and live in DC neighborhoods, and having been raised not far from this neighborhood, I think it’s safe to say that having a grueling job, and being a “nice guy” does not give one a free ticket to be an obnoxious drunk hanging out in the street or on the stoop. I say that without knowing the people in question, but really, drinking and hanging around outside all the time is annoying to people, whether or not you’re a hard worker- they’re not related.

    • Yes, I’m sure they’re just unwinding after a long day, which is why there have been multiple arrests for possession w/intent to distribute of heroin and marijuana on that block for months.

      • slickhop

        I thought I paid decent attention to local crime reports but I missed that … they’re always nice to me as a passerby anyway. You’d think being that close to a school those crimes would get more press.? Maybe I’m naive.

  • i tried the meatloaf last night, and it was awesome. also had the elliot ness amber lager (on tap) for the first time, will have that again for sure.

  • i tried the meatloaf last night, and it was awesome. also had the great lakes elliot ness amber lager (on tap) for the first time, will have that again for sure.

  • Looking glass has a patio and never heard any complaints coming from there…

  • Wanted to drop a couple of points. We are very aware of our neighbors, so if we need to shut the patio down to maintain good relations we will. Being a neighborhood hangout though we hope our guest’s will be able to self police. It seems to be working at LGL and BB. The biggest complaint we heard from neighbors was not the music or customer noise, but the 3am dumping of 1000’s of bottles of beer into metal dumpsters, so we are training staff to be mindful of that. It doesn’t take much more time to gently put a trash bag full of bottles into a dumpster than just chuck them in.

    In regards to the menu, we are working on sourcing produce from local farmers/co-ops, and although it’s 80 outside today there isn’t a lot of different options coming out of winter. We will quickly be adding more full meal vegetarian options starting this weekend with a vegetable risotto, and an Arincini. In the meantime we currently have cauliflower puree, mashed potatoes, hummus, mac N cheese, and asparagus available. Trust us guys, we’re very aware of the vegetarian needs of the community. And we love suggestions

    The DC Reynolds Guys

  • Stopped by for a few last night. Great place!

  • Congrats!! We look forward to checking you out!!

  • OMG forgot this place was opening! So excited to try it out for an early dinner some Sunday! Fried chicken & Great Lakes for Mommy, bacon burger for Daddy, mac n’ cheese – the menu hits all the sweet spots for a family of 4. Yes I referred to myself as Mommy in the third person.

  • As a nearby resident and a general fan of places where one might sit and drink beer(s), I feel obligated to provide my two cents on this place.

  • Are they maintaining elements of the old TT’s menu? I miss that spinach dip!

  • Kinda disappointed by how bland, boring and charmless this place is, especially compared to LGL next door. DC needs more quirk.

  • I went to this place last night, sat at the bar. I was pleasantly pleased with the buy one drink get the second free happy hour they had going on. However, the bartender was rather rude and inattentive. There were only a handful of other people inside and still took longer than necessary to get my second drink, which had less than a shot of alcohol in it. Yes it’s free, but Id rather not drink a glass of mixer. I also overheard him being pretty rude to another customer who ordered food saying he could get it to their table (inside, directly across from the bar) if he wasn’t “too swamped and remembered their order” but otherwise they’d have to watch it for it to come downstairs. They had hockey on the tvs which was one major plus but the music was also really really loud and terrible, as if they put on 99.5 and just let it run.

    I expected more from this place given its location and wonderful patio, but it failed to impress.

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