Daily Rider Bike Shop Coming to H St, NE Now Hiring

1108 H St, NE

The Daily Rider Bicycle Shop is coming to 1108 St, NE this spring:

The Daily Rider’s collection of bicycles currently includes models from Biria and Bobbin. We will soon be carrying Gazelle, the original Dutch bike, and we will be introducing several brands that have yet to be seen in the Washington, DC area market.

Our collection includes models that feel at home in the city, with racks for your bags and fenders to keep you looking sharp when you arrive. There’s no need to put on special clothes, shoes, or equipment. If you have ridden Capital Bikeshare, you’ll be familiar with how seamlessly you can integrate the right type of bicycle into your daily life. Our brightly colored bicycles don’t require you to match your clothing to them, but the invitation is open!

Want your current ride to more closely fit your lifestyle? We have a full selection of bags and baskets to accommodate your laptop, your change of clothes, or even your dog! Installation of most accessories is included with purchase. We’ll even give your ride a once-over and make sure everything is working well.

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  • Great news for my neighborhood. Its right beside my barber too

    • RegO – you know if they do a good beard shapeup?

      • @stinkypesto- Ya, they do good beard shapeups (I had a big beard for a few years, and was never disappointed by a shapeup). I always see Dutch but the other barbers are good from what I can tell.

  • They’re going to sell skirt garters! I bet this means I can get my bike serviced here without getting the stinkeye for not being a hardcore bicycle dude, in which case I’ll be loyal to them forever.

  • Interesting. Almost seems to be a tipping point for over-saturation of bike stores? Maybe/MAybe not ?

    • I think this is an interesting niche though. I always wondered why dutch style commuter bikes aren’t popular here. It’s amazing how well-constructed and practically built they are (enclosed chain, in hub gears, skirt guards, wheel lock).

      I love my Batavus. Maybe Daily Rider can find me a Trelock plug-in cable that goes with the Trelock ring lock….

  • I met the owners at their booth at the H Street festival and again at Eastern Market. They had some really cool stuff for sale.

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