Confirmed: Nash’s to be Replaced by Sleepys Mattress Store in Columbia Heights

Back in Feb. 2012 I heard some scuttlebutt that the Nash’s in the Tivoli at 3339 14th St, NW was going to become a Sleepys Mattress store. Turns out it’s true:

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  • Wow. That SUCKS. What a loss of potential. Plus, just what that intersection needed was a crowd of people surrounding a double-parked car yelling “pivot! PIVOT!!”

    I guess the lease is signed, but I sure wish there were some way to express myself to the building owners/ leasing agent.

  • Yes, that sucks, a total misuse of prime, ground floor retail adjacent to multiple restaurants. This will be as dead a retail storefront as a bank, perhaps more so. A mattress store would be ideal in a second-floor retail space, or an interior spot in DCUSA. Not to mention there’s a big mattress store 1/4 block away next to the Vitamin Store! Aaargh….

  • Sleepys…yawn.

  • Yeah!!!!!!

    But seriously, how profitable are these mattress stores. Makes me feel like I’m over paying for mattresses if they can afford all this rental space.

    • VERY profitable. The markup at these stores is significant. You can always haggle, though.

    • Unlike a lot of things that other retail establishments offer, no one is going to order a mattress from Amazon. Some things will always remain brick-and-mortar. That being said, there is already a mattress store right across the street from this place, and I actually had a good experience ordering from them. But if the area’s demand supports two mattress stores, competition will bring prices down, especially in a high-markup business where some haggling is expected.

      • i did just buy a mattress from amazon and love it. of course it was the memory foam variety and came vacuum packed, but I like getting to read reviews and compare models. especially love avoiding salesmen.

      • I too purchased my memory foam mattress online (from Overstock), as did my boyfriend. We both loved ours, they are comfy and fairly cheap.

  • Great, two mattress stores and two burger joints all within one block of each other. Almost anything would have been better than the second one of both of those.

    • so lame. 2 mattress stores, 2 burger joints, radio shack/bestbuy and now another lame burrito chain, too?! i know! how about another froyo shop? guess i’ll keep wallking to u st for anything good.

  • Boo! Bad news.

  • Calm down ppl, not every opening can be a bar/restaurant.

  • Boo. We don’t need another mattress store. Hopefully supply and demand will catch up with them sooner rather than later.

  • Could have been worse — like another 7-11 or CVS. But really — 2 mattress stores a block from each other??

  • I am constantly surprised at Columbia Height’s seeming inability to attract any retail businesses of interest or non-chain restaurants. I guess I understand the restaurants – they can set up shop in better places like U St or H St NE, but a Sleepy’s mattress store in the middle of a shopping area? It’s bizarre.

    • Are you serious? Columbia Heights is a retail mecca with Target, Best Buy, Staples, Modell’s, the Sports Zone. DSW is on the way. Sure, it’d be fun to have a local music store, book store and some other independent options, but those are very sadly becoming a rare breed. Besides, it makes for a fun walk to Dupont or U Street. There are, however, 2 or 3 used clothing stores on 14th in northern Columbia Heights.

      In terms of not being able to attract non-chain restaurants, have you ever ventured north of Park or walked over to 11? There are dozens of local places with probably half dozen or more small, local bars and restaurants opening in the coming months.

      • Yes, I am serious. The limited shopping over in CH is JUNK. I wouldn’t drive across town to visit this “shopping mecca”. It’s all crap you can get anywhere else in the city (or suburb I might add), and there is nothing original or noteworthy (sans many Sticky Fingers) that’s worth trekking over there for. I used to live in CH, so no offence intended. I’m just saying that I don’t believe the retail and dining options that exist today are what people envisioned 10 years ago when the “revitalization” started. That’s all.

  • How unfortunate.

    Even a bank would’ve been better… maybe it wouldn’t have been interesting per se, but at least a lot more useful than a mattress store.

  • laaaaaaameeee. I thought there was a mattress store around the corner?

  • Sigh. I hardware store would have been nice. I know there’s a new one in Petworth, and there’s the one that is rarely open further up 14th, but still, one closer would have been nice.

  • When two similar retail businesses occupy the same area they are either forced to compete or collude with each other. But I don’t think this is applicable to mattress stores, since people are buying new bedding at a record clip, thanks to the east coast bed bug epidemic.

  • What a waste of a good space. Its interesting to read this right after the post about the Casbah at H street, that retail corridor has a new non-chain place opening up every two weeks yet in COlumbia Heights with 10 times the density and a metro can’t do the same. the main issue I think is that many of the smaller spaces in DC USA are set asides for “disadvataged” businesses and controlled by the Columbia Heights Development Corporation which is incompetent at best. The second issue is the concentration of public housing. Its a shame that 14th street retail/restaurants are so lackluster. Of course, innocent people getting shot at 6:30am at IHOP certainly doesn’t create a lot of confidence in the location either. I have high hopes though that 11th street and GA avenue (the next H street) will continue to develop more organically.

    • The retail spaces in DCUSA and the Tivoli are huge compared to the stuff going up along H, 11th, and GA Ave. It’s not surprising that only larger, more established businesses can afford those spaces. Luckily, you’re seeing stuff come in in northern CH where the retail spaces are smaller and more appealing to local businesses.

      I feel like those complaining about no local businesses in CH don’t venture more than a block from 14th & Irving.

  • I like how people know that CH “doesnt need another mattress store”. Apparently somebody who might know a thing or two more than you about the mattress market thinks they do. Its like matress store people say “hey, lets put a mattress store where it isnt needed and make NO MONEY”. Its not like the mattress industry is owned by the state and the store forced on this location

    Time will tell whether CH can support two mattress stores.

    Not every store is going to be awesome. That doesnt mean it doesnt have a purpose, will be profitable and pay taxes

  • I just still want someone to open a Hair Cuttery or Great Clips or something in CH. They would make a mint. And I would get an $18 haircut. Everybody wins.

  • I naively walked into a mattress store when I was on a retail workers’ salary and I balked at the prices. I was told, “you sound like you are in need of a ‘starter’ bed..” No, actually, I’ve been sleeping in beds my whole life, thanks. What a racket.

    I furnished my entire 1 bedroom apartment via one of those rental furniture/clearance center places for less than the price of a new mattress. They are required by law to sanitize everything, but if you’re still worried, get a slip on pest cover.

    I have other friends who went without real beds for years during lean income times. A bed should not cost as much as a used car.

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