Chick-Fil-A Food Truck Coming to DC

Photo by flickr user Adam Kuban

NBC Washington shares the news that will make Chick-Fil-A fans deliriously happy:

“That’s right, the Chick-Fil-A food truck will be on the streets beginning April 9, dispensing the chain’s famous chicken sandwiches and waffle fries to all within walking (or running) distance.”

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  • Oh my shit, this is amazing news. Oppose their politics, love their food. Careful balance.

    • It’s not a balance at all. If you buy their food, you support their policies – period. So unless you want to support evangelical Christians or anti-gay organizations, I suggest you find your chicken elsewhere.

      • ah

        So we’re supposed to review the politics of every restaurant owner before eating there? Or just some?

        • I think most rational, educated Americans would avoid an organization that openly contributes to organizations/individuals that encourage social injustices that are contrary to their beliefs and values. Maybe not you, but that’s your problem.

          Would you buy clothing from a company that openly uses child labor? Doubt it.

          • I assume you don’t shop at Whole Foods, then?


            Or does your idealism give way to a solid craft beer selection?

          • Sometimes people are awfully selective about when they let their politics influence their consumer choices, and when they don’t.

            I imagine there are commenters on this board who will happily boycott Chick-Fil-A over anti-gay policies, but wouldn’t dream of giving up their Apple products over child labor and gross mistreatment of workers in China. (No, Mike Daisey didn’t lie about that — it’s been reported for years; he only lied about seeing it with his own eyes.)

            But I also imagine those are people who wouldn’t eat at Chick-Fil-A in the first place, no matter what the politics of the owner. But they get to say their decision is all about politics, because they’re just soooooo sincere about that.

          • “Would you buy clothing from a company that openly uses child labor?”

            Actually, yes. If those kids didn’t have jobs the alternative would probably be hunger/starvation. You think the parents would have the kids work if there was a better alternative?

          • Self-righteousness and hypocrisy are a bad combination.

        • Obviously, it’s impossible to know every owner’s politics. But when the views become known and/or the size/clout of the organization impacts policy, then yeah, it’s your responsibility to not support them with your money.

        • no. we all have the freedom the be ignorant. and even the most informed of people express that freedom pretty often.

        • Sure. that’s a responsible thing to do…. a little bit of effort, but i support that. You should definitely know if you’re patroning someone who’s views sicken you… better than putting money in their pocket

      • I think it’s possible to strike a balance. Let’s say you would eat there everyday if you agreed with their politics, but since you don’t you limit yourself to once a week. You’re giving them less business because of it, which is still meaningful. If you were trying to eat healthier you might do the same thing, and the fact that you’re eating less of it would still make a difference on your waistline.

        • That’s pretty much what I was trying to say. In FL I ate there only a few times as an indulgence, but definitely stopped frequenting it when I learned what they support.

      • I’m gay and I love Chick-Fil-A. I can’t wait for the food truck to roll around!

      • if being a christian makes fried chicken taste this good then bring out the baptismal bucket, cause i just found jesus.

    • one dollar=one vote.

  • I’ve always said if I had the money to open a franchise in D.C. this would be the one!

  • best news I’ve heard all year.

  • I really enjoy Chik-fil-a…but I really dont enjoy this. One of the aspects of the food truck allure (for me) is that it attracts/maintains small businesses. I’m not saying that the franchises dont have the right to engage and fight for this market share as well…I just dont like that they are.

    • +1. It sorta takes the fun out of food trucks.

      • I understand people’s love of Chick-Fil-A, but this does not give me warm fuzzy feelings. Reminds me of when Starbucks started expanding rapidly. Or when yuppies discovered your favorite dive bar. Just ruins the romance of it all.

    • ah

      +1. On the other hand, people don’t have to go there. I’m not sure how having a Chick-Fil-A truck distracts me from eating at one of the other places.

    • I agree 100%! Chick fila is not all that great anyway! These fast food chains are showing their gross sides these days!

  • OMFG!! JOY JOY JOY. So much joy. 40% of my move to Silver Spring was because of a Chick-fil-a in walking distance. Now DC has this wonderful truck.

  • ah

    Will it roll on Sunday?

  • yay, now we can all sell out to a virulently antigay bigotry machine for AWESOME! (I swear, it’s NOTHING like Wendy’s!) fried chicken

  • I will so be a stalker of this food truck.

  • Bet they avoid the gay neighborhoods. And to a previous poster, no you’re not expected to monitor every companys political stance, but CAF is wildly known and vocal about their anti-gay funding.

    • ah

      So being vocal is objectionable, not the donations? That seems even worse, as I’d rather people be vocal about causes they believe in than simply be silent but supportive.

      Or is it just easy to single them out, as opposed to all the other people who may make donations or support causes you don’t agree with but aren’t so public about it?

    • The Gay Ghettos no longer exist; every neighborhood in DC has gays. I expect this hate truck will have some run-ins with protestors.

    • is that Ward 1 as a whole? Or do you include other gay hotspots…um, like downtown (I know quite a few of the gays work downtown)? what about Columbia Heights (it is hard to tell the difference between gay and hipster sometimes…especially when sexual identy is sooooo last year)?

    • Easy enough since most food trucks stick to business districts / lunch hotspots – Farragut Square, Franklin Park, Union Station, L’Enfant etc

      • Psst…hey anonymous! The gays are EVERYWHERE these days and even openly eat lunch in places like Farragut Square, Franklin Park, Union Station, L’Enfant etc

        • What I meant was that neighborhoods (i.e. residential areas) aren’t frequently by food trucks for the most part.

  • As a gay atheist I firmly oppose this food truck due to Chick-fil-a’s corporate religious views and social policies, but as a hypocritical southerner I have to ask, are they gonna have nuggets? I’m tired of having to pop over to the suburbs to get a 12 count, waffle fries and a sweet tea (Crystal City makes me more uncomfortable than evangelicals who sling chicken 6 days a week).

    • +1 as a black feminist georgian atheist….when are they bringing back the spicy chicken nuggets?

    • You might as well make small contributions to political candidates that represent contrary beliefs – you pretty much are with your Chick-fil-a purchases. Shame. No chicken sandwich is worth anti-gay hate. SHAME!

      • You’ve shamed me, so I’m going to have to out myself…my dirty secret is that I gave $20 to Jon Huntsman’s campaign even though I oppose some of his policies. I’ll turn in my gay card and Democrat now, put on magic underwear and go baptize dead holocaust victims and survivors since obviously giving small amounts of money to people I don’t agree with on all points makes me one of them.

      • So does a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and sweet tea make it worth it?

        • Its not a “chicken sandwich”!. It’s a Chick-fil-a sandwich! May I hAve fries with that, please? This must be a conspiracy by the restaurant association. Gotta be.

  • I just cant believe people that read this blog would even think about Chick-Fil-A. They are beyond vile, not just a mere political difference of opionion. Say hi to Newt as you line up too

  • A person that patronizes Chick-fil-a is a Santorum supporter. Period.

    • They’re going to offer santorum on their sandwiches. Gives whole new meaning to the term “secret sauce.”

  • For a long time, I had a guilty fondness for Chick-Fil-A… found their politics loathsome, but found their chicken sandwiches delicious.

    Then McDonald’s started servings its Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. McDonald’s has its detractors too, but at least it’s to the left of Chick-Fil-A.

    I wish this thread hadn’t reminded me of Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries, though. Alas, McDonald’s doesn’t have a substitute for that.

  • I’m so sticking a darwin-fish sticker on this truck if I see it.

  • I think food trucks are great and I don’t know much about licenses required to operate them but aren’t businesses in the areas they roll quite negatively affected given they’re paying high rents to have their customers be taken away right on their own sidewalk?

  • 20th century gheys: equality now! = = =! We’re here, we’re queer!

    21st century gheys: oppose my equality all you want if you make chicken sandwiches I find nummy.

    Progress is very strange sometimes.

  • Pressure fryer on a truck? Good luck getting THAT approved.

  • A question for all if those up in arms about this food truck – have you ever drank a Coors beer? Used Shell gas? Patronized a WalMart (the irony here is particularly delicious considering the push to get them into the district & fulfill many gentrifiers’ dreams of big housing $$$)? Used any illicit drugs? If you’ve done any of these things, you’ve supported corporations (and criminal enterprises) that support right wing causes or facilitated and committed murders. Shame on you!

    • My illicit drugs only come from certified organic, cage and cruelty free, sustainable Marxist producers. Viva la Revolucion!

    • saf

      OK, Shell? Can you explain?

    • Do you think there is a large group of Chick Filet-hating liberals who like Walmart and oil companies?

      • I know a lot of the people on this blog support bringing WalMart to the District and drive, thereby using gas or support businesses that use gas (food trucks). They also probably use Apple products or wear clothing or shoes that are manufactured by people who have little to no labor protections. And don’t forget the fact that most cell phones use components made from materials that fuel war in the Congo ( So all of this rage is selective, to say the least.

        • Everyone in America uses gas or supports businesses that use gas. That doesn’t mean we all like oil companies in general, or Shell in particular. Many of use try to reduce our gas and oil usage, but there’s no way to live in America and not give money to oil companies, either directly or indirectly.

          Same deal with things made in China under terrible working conditions. It’s unavoidable, even for those of us who prefer to buy products made closer to home, by people in decent living conditions. If I could wave a magic wand and improve working conditions for workers all over the world, or cut the world’s dependence on non-renewables, I’d do it, but I can’t.

          That doesn’t make those of us who don’t want to buy chicken from anti-gay companies hypocrites. It makes us people who make purchasing decisions in the real world. I can buy my chicken from other companies, so I do so.

  • heart attack on wheels! woohoo!

  • We should just have a carbon footprint offset like plan. So for all the C-F-A addicts out there, u donate just $1 to HRC every time you go. That should more than offset any money you’re contributing inadvertently. (This still isn’t to say people should go, but make the best out of a bad situation).

  • so it’s not possible to love both gays and chick-fil-A’s?

  • I personally love the fact that Chik-fil-a is closed on Sundays. I think it’s great! I’ll support them but you don’t have to. Just as I will never patronize Ben’s Chili Bowl since they supported the OWS movement.

  • You guys are silly. The food is oh-so-delish & the values represent the other 1/2 of America. Did you forget that they exist? Do you feel them ranting and raving against your food choices? Seriously…pick a bigger battle, please.

    • And I will make sure that my money does not go to that “other half of America.” Especially when that “half” hates my “half” and wants to control my half.

      • Really? You think the half of America that doesn’t promote a different lifestyle automatically hates it? That’s such an extreme statement…one does not equal the other.

  • I love good chicken just as much as I love homosexuals!! If I come by this truck I will continue to buy, just as when I needed gas and ppl were boycotting texaco… There are bigger fish to fry.


  • I don’t care about their politics. I’ve been boycotting them for years because they put mayonaise on their sandwiches.

  • Yummmmm – I admit I let out a squeal of joy when I saw this!

  • read the article Monday, and just saw this:
    it’s a must see

  • Anyone know where the truck is slated to be tomorrow or where you can go to find out its location?

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