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  • It’s really not an interesting time laps if the time lapsed is on the same day. Then it’s just jerky video. If the time lapse showed the bloom from day to day then maybe it would be something.

  • yeah i agree with ya there. Time lapse is supposed to be over a long period of time not an hour on a saturday.

  • I hope everyone made it out earlier this weekend to see the cherry blossoms, because the petals were significantly depleted by Sunday afternoon. Won’t be much left a week from now.

  • despite the expectations of others as to what time lapsed is “supposed to be” i thought this was quite beautiful. nice job pablo!

  • Hello all,
    Clearly, the idea was not to show the blooming day to day (i agree that would be great) but to show different scenes around the Tidal Basin during the week. If you noticed, the scenes happened very early in the morning, during the day, at sunset and at night, and I promise you it takes more than an hour for all that to happen!
    Have a nice rest of the day everybody.

  • The cherry blossoms are so much better in New York City.

  • Pablo, what song is that? I know I’ve played it in marching band at some point or other…

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