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  • Yes, this is a great store! Similar style and cut to Thomas Pink shirts but less expensive.

  • I own a suit and four shirts from CT. Great quality and service.

  • Know them well and highly approved. Hopefully they’ll have something comparable to their great online sales.

  • When I lived in NY, I used to go to the CT on 53rd and 5th pretty frequently. I never got anything because $50 for a shirt was a lot to a kid fresh outta college, but now that I’m making more than minimum wage, I’m very excited to check out their new DC outpost.

  • Now THIS is good news

  • I’m so pumped for this. CT leaves Brooks Brothers and most others in the dust. Won’t have to order my shirts online anymore and wait for them to ship across the pond.

  • this is great, great shirts and customer service. okay suits too.

  • The shirts are decent for the price. Brooks Bros, J. Press, Wm Fox (a few blocks away on G St), and Thomas Pink are better quality though also more expensive.

  • i bought my frnch cuff tux shirt from one of their nyc stores. really good quality store with very personal friendly service. i even got a lesson how to tie a proper windsor tie from the salesguy.

  • Excellent! Love their stuff.

  • My husband will be quite happy — he really likes their catalog, and their great deals! I appreciate that CT has gotten my spouse away from always wearing white or blue shirts….

  • Okay shirts, but definitely designed and sewn for “big” guys. The patterns, textures, collars, cuffs and cut all tend to be oversized and exaggerated. Service is good, though, it’s true: they’ll take back anything that doesn’t um, suit.

    Fun to look at, but if you’re tall and thin, the shirts just look wrong. (To me.)

  • They are the H&M of men’s office wear. They are going to be very successful in this town. I can’t wait!

  • @Sydney: Try the slim fit cut. I’m 6″4′ and thin, and they really are a great fit. I’ve been mail-ordering their shirts for years. And they’re a great deal when they offer their 4 shirts for $199 deal (which seems to be all the time).

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