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  • I’ve always wondered how can you make an independent dwelling out of a carriage house/garage in D.C.

  • yes, that is the best alley in dc and would win alley of the year if there were such a category. which there ought to be. though i am not sure if it is a carriage house so much as a converted fire house.

    • I’m guessing it was not a firehouse b/c a firehouse probably: A) would be more ornate, B) would be on the ‘main drag’, not in an alley, and C) would have a bell tower, not a cupola.

      • if I remember my maps right, I think this was a fire station. It’s right north of Boundry Road, and it serviced either one of the industrial/agricultural concerns there or the private community of Ledroit Park until it was annexed into the city.

        • Ah, that makes sense. Forgot that Ledroit Park was originally a suburb, not part of the city. Pretty sure the city at that time would have built a fancier firehouse. And for that matter, it is pretty big (and fancy) for a carriage house.

  • Looked at that place to rent a few years back (it’s two units: upstairs and downstairs). The inside (upstairs) and garden are gorgeous.

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