Capital Bike Share Now on the Mall

@bikeshare tweets the photo and writes:

“It’s official: our first two stations are now in place on the National Mall. The Mall stations are located at 14th & Jefferson SW and on Ohio Drive near the MLK Memorial.”


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  • Yes, we need more tourists on these things.

  • It’s always so cute to see an overweight, middle aged tourist get on a bike for the first time in 20 years. “It’s like riding a bike–you never forget, right?”

  • Excellent. It’s about goddamn time.

  • I’ll take tourists on bikes over tourists on buses any day of the week, even if that means I have to share the bike lanes with tourists during my commute. I will say, though, that DC/NPS should put up a a ton of signs directed at bikes and peds, reminding people to stay to the right, avoid the sidewalks in the CBD, don’t stand in the bike lanes, etc…

  • pablo .raw

    Right on time! I have to go there everyday for a week!

  • This is great, but when will Bikeshare ever finish the expansion they began last year of stations in other parts of the district? There was supposed to be a new station at 16th and Euclid and an expansion at the existing 16th & U station. Neither of which has happened, and Bikeshare provides no information on the status of these. I’m guessing there are other sites too on their expansion list from last year that haven’t happened yet. I love Bikeshare, but they kinda fail when it comes to informing their members on things — all they tweet about anymore are discounts you can get as a member.

  • I see that Tourmobile hut is still there…someone should do something about that

  • This is great! My cousin, his wife and four kids came to DC a few years ago on vacation and instead of renting a car they rented/bought bikes for their three week house exchange. They biked all over DC and loved it.
    If a family of six from the ‘burbs can bike in DC – certainly tourists can bike around the mall instead of taking a bus.
    What would even be better is if after visiting DC they brought the idea of biking/non-car travel home with them. This could go a long way to improving our transportation habits and lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

  • This is awesome. Here’s hoping tourists will use this instead of segways.

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