Biker Hit at 19th and Florida Ave, NW

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Dear PoP,

I just walked by as they were loading the biker into the ambulance at 19th and Florida. Biker appeared conscious as they were moving arms and seemed to be talking to EMTs. Bike was in bad shape and partly under mid-sized car. Not a Cap bike share bike. Hope you can get more details. Seems like you’re reporting too many of these lately.

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  • Here we go again…hope the biker is OK.

  • hope he’s ok, I’ve been hit at this intersection while walking.

  • Had a jogger sprint across that intersection in from of my car yesterday. I honestly have no idea what I’m talking about, but is it possible that people continuing through or coming from Connecticut one way, and likewise from 18th the other way where there is lots of funky work going on, causes lots of irregular traffic flow on Florida in those blocks?

  • I used to live in an apartment building right at that intersection and we often heard/witnessed accidents there. Something about it is really dangerous.

  • I work around the corner and frequently see close calls at this intersection. Sure hope everyone’s OK in this instance. This intersection is at the bottom of a big hill and bikers come down it fast. Cars also go fast on this stretch of Fla. Ave., perhaps because there’s less activity on the street.

    Two blocks away the crosswalks at Fla. and 20th have made a huge difference. Some attention to 19th and Fla. may be in order to keep bikers and pedestrians safe and making things clearer for drivers.

  • Eyeless agrees. I used to live over there too, and it was always an oddly dangerous intersection no matter what your mode of transport. It might have something to do with the fact that there is no 4-way stop at T and 19th, so cars can go zooming down 19th. That also means that someone on T might assume that it’s a 4-way stop and proceed in front of a zooming car.

    • 19th and T is definitely dangerous for cyclists. I am extra careful going on 19th at that intersection.

      • This is so true. I wish they put in a stop sign for the traffic on T street, cars (and bikes) blow through it all the time.

        Also, the no turn on red rules at 19th and Florida are there for a reason. Sadly, people are always so impatient at the intersection and violate it all the time. Almost been run over on bike and foot a number of times because of that.

        • Obviously I’ve been working too hard today, as there is a stop sign for the T street traffic. What I meant to say is I wish people obeyed it.

    • Weakerthans fan eyeless? Going to John K next Tues?

  • I was hit by a car on February 8th on 13th Street (between Columbia and Harvard) during rush hour. Luckily, I only broke my foot. It’s been a real bummer to be in a soft cast/boot now that it’s warm out, but it could’ve been much worse.

    I hope this cyclist is at least as lucky as I was and wasn’t seriously hurt…

    BTW, does anyone know who I should contact about this ridiculous ticket that the MPD gave me (in the E.R.) for “passing on the right.” I tried the online DMV system and it doesn’t recognize the ticket.

  • i walk that intersection every day on my way home. it’s only slightly better than it’s infamous neighbor, the 18th & Florida intersection/deathzone, because it’s not quite as complicated. but the traffic patterns are wierd and i could easily see the fault lying with either party or both. I NEVER cross against the light there. the traffic on florida can be deceiving- all stopped in one direction and much higher speed than you would think in the other (like, a pedestrian or bike could think they’d be able to make it across, no cars in sight, only to be just halfway with a car appearing out of nowhere and barreling down on them). I’ve seen cars well over the speed limit zoom through, often to catch the lights, somtimes spilling through the red light, block the box, and turn without paying attention to pedestrains. there’s also a lot of tour buses turning around to pull into one of the hilton’s entrances. and i’ve seen a lot of bikes fly down 19th and cross florida without so much as a pause, which i just can’t understand because the sightlines are very bad. a car on FL won’t see you, and you won’t see the car. so, yeah. i hope the biker is ok. everyone else, whatever your mode of transportation, please pay extra attention at that intersection!

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