Bar Pilar’s 2nd Floor Opens, Looks Awesome

1833 14th St, NW

We first heard about Bar Pilar’s expansion plans at 1833 14th St, NW back in Dec. 2010. While they already reopened the first floor last month, the second floor expansion was finally revealed this weekend. And I’m happy to report it looks awesome.

I was told that the second floor will primarily be used for dining and the menu will be served late night until around 1am.

Lots more photos after the jump.

1st floor entry

Stairs to 2nd floor

Mural on 2nd floor

2nd floor looking towards back

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  • Looks great! Can’t wait to enjoy their awesome daquiries there once again.

  • so did they create a real solution to the entranceway? last time I was there when they were working on it, it looked like they were going to waste 100+ sq ft because of the way they put the stairway up. which wouldn’t be that big a deal since they are gaining a floor, but the entranceway looked so awkward and uninviting.

  • I had brunch there yesterday and it really is amazing! Such great work! Kudos to the whole Pilar team!

  • No bueno. Ruined the intimate feel of the place. I’m not against expansions, but the new first floor bathroom area is a complete waste of space and it destroys the previous hazy/warm vibe.

    • I wonder if there wasn’t a way to put the staircase in the back. That would’ve seemed like the obvious choice to me. keep bar pilar as is, but add a floor without changing the entire downstairs feel.

  • Looking forward to checking it out. Also still hoping they will join us in the 21st century and update their web site and make use of their twitter feed.

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