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  • I attended a forum in the USIP once, and the building deeply impressed me. Besides the amazing view out the windows facing the Lincoln Memorial, the roof deck is outstanding.

  • Are there things for the public/tourists to do at the building (e.g. on weekends)? I would be interested in going and showing out-of-town guests, but I wasn’t sure if there is any exhibit or if it’s just office buildings.

  • DCster, it’s not generally open to the public yet, but they hope to eventually open some exhibit space that would be open to visitors from the Mall. The money just isn’t there right now to fully build out and staff the public space, so for now it’s just offices and meeting rooms.

  • hmm, similar to Norman Foster’s Great Court at the British Museum, London 🙂

  • we had our holiday party there. it’s a really great building

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