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  • The other day, I saw that the sidewalk was closed off, but no pedestrian walkway was provided. Has one been put in? If not, anyone know who to contact to resolve this issue?

  • BKDC: No there is no pedestrian walkway; in fact there is a large “Sidewalk Closed” sign on 14th just south of the work site.

    This is a big project – will it be complete before the project on the east side of 14th is begun? (That’s the current site of the post office.) If they are both under construction at the same time, will we find ourselves with no sidewalks on 14th St in that block? I am tired of the city giving developers free reign over public spaces, so they can build over priced condos.

    • The city isn’t giving developers free reign over anything. It’s called public safety. This part of the city is very congested and the only way to allow construction equipment to operate is for the sidewalk to be temporarily closed. It will open back up once the hole is dug and they’ll put up a canopy to protect pedestrians from the activity going on above. We want these projects to be built so quit your whining and just walk on the other side of the street. It’ll do you good to walk a little anyway.

      • LoganRes: Look down the street at the other development at R. There, they blocked off part of the roadway to allow pedestrians to get through. Why can’t that be done on this block?

        Also, not everyone has the ability to walk a bit farther. That, coupled with the length of the lights, makes it a huge inconvenience for pedestrians. Your attitude is prevalent here, and pedestrians have been made second class citizens in this town.

        According to this, it looks like DDOT might be the relevant agency — http://www.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/On+Your+Street/Public+Space+Management/Types+of+Permits/Pedestrian+Safety+and+Work+Zone+Standards+-+Covered+and+Open+Walkways

        • pathetique- how do you propose construction be done then? I assume you work with the army engineers corp? segways for all vagrants and new brooks running shoes for all yuppies!

          • the same way it is done with any other number of sites in the city, block off a lane of traffic, instal portable barriers ro protect the pedestrians from the traffic , remove them on the occasions materials or equipment need to come into the construction site.

          • They seem to accommodate pedestrians quite well in NYC. Either with removing the parking lane and/or forcing the developer to enclose the sidewalk in a protective structure until construction is complete. No reason to negatively impact people for a year.

        • BKDC, I’m sure they will have a pedestrian covered walkway built soon. During the dig, they need to get large trucks in and out of there. For a project of this size, it’s gonna either distrupt traffic or pedestrians and pick a street….14th or U – both are busy! It’s not gonna be that big of an inconvenience to walk across the street. You’ll live

  • Don’t you mean Taco Bell’s?

  • As much as I love Taco Bell, that one needed to be ripped down. But I feel bad for ChiDogO’s, if it is a franchise and not a corporate store, as I think they’ve only been there for a year.

    • I don’t feel bad for them, I thought the decision to open the store there was always a curious one. It has been known for years, well before they open chidogos, that this project was going to happen at some point. I guess they made a bet that it would be further delayed.

  • What is the anticipated end-date of the construction?

  • Wait, I thought the Trader Joe’s was going to be in the new apartment building under construction at 14th and Euclid.

  • brookland_rez

    1000 rooms, “indestructible”? I guess they showed them.

  • i see a couple of good looking construction worker’s working. i wonder if their single?

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