ANC1B Community Meeting to Address Liquor license application for All Souls

Thanks to a reader for sending another update on the quest of All Souls to open a neighborhood bar at 725 T St, NW.

From the Ledroit Park Listserv:

ANC1B LeDroit Park Update

I will hold a special community meeting regarding the 8th Street Flea Market and The liquor license application for All Souls.

The meeting will be on Thursday March 8, 2012 @ 6:30 pm @ the Thurgood Marshall Community Center on 12th Street NW.

All are welcomed and encouraged to attend . I ask that persons be civil during discussions that persons come to the table with sound solutions that can be of benefit for the whole neighborhood and community.


Myla Moss
ANC 1B01

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  • Is this woman still stalling this thing?? I thought this was resolved.

  • So now she’s going to try and muck up the entire JBG project on U street over one homeowner’s objection on 8th Street?
    I ask that she use better punctuation.

  • The people who live in Shaw should turn out en masse to make it clear that she does or doesn’t represent them. This lady is not all powerful, but if hers is the only voice…

  • Let em open.

  • Hey all, I’m one of the owners of All Souls. I want to thank everyone for their support and concern, but I would also like to set the record straight.

    Myla Moss has actually been very helpful. She has called this meeting to give us and the protest groups one more opportunity to discuss some of the issues before we go to our hearing (Wednesday March 21st 4pm @ the Reeves building), which is the final stage of the licensing process. While she does support small business development in Shaw, she also has an obligation to listen to all of her constituents. We understand this and have been trying to reach a compromise that will satisfy all parties.

    The protest groups have several issues with All Souls. Parking, noise, trash, hours and the patio have all been raised. However, we feel that these issues can be addressed with minimal impact on the neighborhood. In fact, as responsible business owners, we feel our presence would actually have a positive effect on peace, order and quiet. Having a vigilant eye and lighting a dark corner at night can only make Shaw a safer place.

    So, as larger projects, such as Progressive Place and the JBG development, move forward, please come out and support All Souls, a small local business.

    Thanks, see you Thursday night. If anyone has any questions, please contact me at [email protected].

    • I can speaking as someone who lives near a comparable establishment on the east side of town,j where
      the exact same concerns were addressed before a nuisance tenant opened

      a) Parking – frequent vehicles from restuarant staff parked illegally in alley, obstructing neighbors’ access, and damaging neighbors landscaping with vehicles
      b) noise – late night noise when hosting events against the provisions of licence (ie no entertainment endorsement, no sound insulation, RC license)
      c) trash – dumpsters repeatedly overflowing, uncovered, and positioned ajacent to neighbors’ property in violation of VA in which establishment agreed to keep dumpsters adjacent to the establishment’s property (and closed at all times)
      d) hours – no issues, but
      e) patio – violated DC law in outdoor seating configuration on adjacent corner which shares a bus stop

      I’m agnostic on All Souls, and none of these issues really impact them. I’m glad to see the owners are taking these concerns seriously, and hope for their neighbors’ sake they make good on their promises. VA’s aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

      • @Anon – Are you really blindly comparing All Souls to some random bar somewhere else in the city? I don’t see your point.

  • I live a couple of blocks from the location (not close enough to be affected by noise or trash) and I object to this bar because there is a school right across the street that has 3 and 4 year olds playing on the playground. Even if the place opens at 5, there are still kids in the building until at least 6pm. And the energy that goes with intoxicated adults next to a school – that by the way is one of the few well-performing schools in DC. There is a reason why the 400 ft law was established and shouldn’t be ignored simply because it’s currently being violated.

    I’d love to see a viable business there. How about a kids gym (only located in MD/VA) or a simple coffee shop? Something that complements the peaceful homes on 8th St and the school. 9th St btw U & T has enough restaurants and bars and is a more appropriate place for them.

    • At this stage of the process Ms. Moss and Mr. Batista are looking for constructive avenues to reach a compromise. Expressing your desire to open a kids gym is neither constructive nor a compromise (but is laughable.) If you’d like to suggest a change in hours or something along those lines people may be willing to listen to what you have to say. But as it is you don’t support the business because it’s near a school. What happens when these kids walk into corner stores on their way home to buy snacks, sodas and candy? There are plenty of adults at those same shops buying beer, wine, etc.

      • Then there is no compromise. He wants an exemption and I see no reason to give him one. What does a corner store that kids may choose to go to (that is not across the street from the school visible to kids) have to do with this? Poor analogy.

    • “the energy that goes into intoxicated adults” – what does that even mean? i don’t know which one makes you seem more idiotic, that you might believe that this is a real concern, or that you think others are impressionable enough to convince them with this silly phrase.

      if you want to make a serious point, you might say exactly what impact the bar will have on the school. do you see youth going into the restaurant? drunks from the bar going into the bar?

      oh right, you don’t have a valid point.

      remember, this development is permitted as a matter of right.

      if there karma exists you will have your next renovation thwarted by overzealous neighbors.

      • Do we really need t rehash this again. This is NOT a matter of right otherwise they wouldn’t need to go through this process. Gesh just plain ignorance. I suggest you read the zoning laws sometime.

  • You might think that Myla Moss is inept, incapable of doing anything except spamming her constituents and listserv with 411 schemes after her email is hacked.

    And you’d be partially right! But not entirely so, because she does deserve some credit for holding this meeting.

    Except what about all the other community issues? Did you know that anc1b01 was the center of a redistricting effort that might have aligned 1b01 with other ancs that had more common interests, like its neighbors up georgia avenue?

    Not from myla, because she made those decisions without any community input.

    Congrats to myla for doing one thing well by holding this meeting. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But a broken clock doesn’t have its email hacked.

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