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  • pennyworth

    you can see the plans (as well as other neighborhood construction plans) at the library across the street.

  • anyone who grew up in DC knows how AWESOME the old Children’s Museum was when it was on H Street NE… I can still smell the homemade tortillas and Mexican hot chocolate…. SUCH great childhood memories…

    • You beat me to it. Why even build another one when it won’t compare. That place was incredible.

      • Wow – I remember that smell SO vividly. I completely forgot about the old Children’s Museum. Anyone remember exactly where on H St it was? Guess along with blocking out many of my bad childhood memories I also blocked out some good things. That or I’m just getting old.

        • i still have vivid memories of this little pulley system they had rigged to teach kids about “force.” I thought it was so cool I could lift 40 lbs using a block and tackle. I think I was like 5.

          • oh my gosh yes! my aunt (who lives in Olney) took my family here when I was little. I somehow got my leg caught in the pulley system and my dad had to extricate me before I got pulled upside down (i was a tiny kid). I remember the mexican hot chocolate too. Had no idea that was on H St…

        • h and 3rd. where the fancy condos are now.

    • I have such fond memories of the old Children’s Museum; to this day I still associate it with mangos and papayas, both of which I had for the first time there as a little kid.

      I’m sure the official museum’s new site at National Harbor will be a great building, but I’m afraid that (like everything else at National Harbor) no one’s going to go to it. Hopefully the new museum at Fort Totten might bring in some actual visitors.

    • Yes! And the maze made out of tapestries, the wax medallions, the weaving looms, and all the kinds of occupations you could play at, on and on. I miss it so much!

      I volunteered as a teen, and was going to work there as an adult, but there’s no way to get to National Harbor, unless you have a car, so I don’t know how it has any employees or how it will get any visitors now.

  • Awesome. Fort Totten is such an awesome location, transit wise, with both red and yellow/green lines making it very easy to get to anywhere in DC or Maryland, it’s a shame that development is so sparse near there. Definitely one of the great growth opportunities left in DC, and it seems like developers / the city are finally taking advantage. And building something that will itself serve as an attraction will be huge in creating the foot traffic needed to sustain retail growth. Just crazy how sparse the development around that Metro station currently is.

  • I cant wait for this! I hope they get some decent retail. A trader joes for the grocery would be amazing too. I remember having a birthday party at the old children’s museum when I was younger. I would love to recreate that for my daughter!

  • There are multiple developments coming to brookland and ft totten, exiting times. The totten life blog is planning on doing a full write up soon on art place. Supposed to include skating rink…

  • this is great to hear!

  • I hate to play Debbie Downer. but I’d rather a Grocer than a Children’s Museum. There are more storefront churches in this neighborhood than the Holy Land! It would be nice to have basic amenities rather than Senior Centers and liquor stores/carry outs.

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