876 Cafe Coming to Former Indian Ocean Restaurant in Van Ness

876 Cafe will be located at 4221 Connecticut Ave, NW. Looks like they’ll have a nice outdoor dining patio as well.

876 Cafe, where passion, food and fun blends

Looks like things are picking up for Van Ness, as Sushi Para also recently opened up two storefronts away in the former Taco Bell space.

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  • I always wondered when that Indian restaurant would close down. There was never anyone ever in there.

  • Blithe

    “Passion”?!!!! I definitely want to take a look at the menu for this one! lol

  • Indian Ocean always drew a decent crowd during lunch time. I liked their lunch buffet, and used to go there with coworkers back when my office was located up that way. The guys who worked there were all really nice. That’s too bad they closed down.

  • I used to live around the corner from this place and only stepped inside once during the year or so I lived in Van Ness.

    I found it to be mediocre, at best Indian food and nearly abandoned, even at lunchtime. Hopefully some fresh management and a new concept will help this spot out.

  • That’s too bad, I used to love going to Indian Ocean before the dentist.

  • I’ll be the Bartending Magician at the new 876 Cafe, it’s a Caribbean influenced establishment, and I am hoping to get local support. We are fighting to survive and to be one of the best places to dine in D.C.


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