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  • Little known fact that this was a Cricket phone store long after it was a clothing store .

  • Neighborhood Reporter beat me to it, but I was going to say that Google street view shows that the building housed a Cricket store, so this literally IS a step backwards.

  • gotryit

    I’m not sure what I’d like to see there, but those cell phone stores just make me sad. With a little improvement to the exterior, it could be a neat place.

  • “Little step back for the neighborhood in my opinion.”

    …unless you need a phone…

    • gotryit

      There’s a T-Mobile nearby in Columbia Heights and another one down by Howard University. I like them a lot better as a “value” phone plan.

  • Pshaw, Boost offers smartphone service with unlimited voice, text and data for $55 a month. I need a phone case and to ask somebody how to get my Droidphone to quietly notify me when I get a voice mail but not texts and email.

  • The poor clothing store never even got a sign. The foot traffic is high, hopefully it can become something a little more engaging if Boost fails. The promise is there…

  • Get a real phone!

  • This is too bad… I’d agree that it’s a step backward for the neighborhood.

  • The ‘weird discount store’ was pretty lacking. Pretty outdated clothing in unflattering cuts and odd combinations of sizing- think sample sale but without the steep discounts and decent finds. Never saw a single soul walk into it (and I live around the corner).

    I think they were only leasing the space short term until the owners found a longer term inhabitant. I wonder if this is the same?

  • “Farrah’s Fashion Corner” was not getting enough traffic, so the owner decided to rent out the space. Not sure how long the lease for Boost is for, but it’s opening the first week of April. In the long term, the owner is planning to build out the basement for another venture to occupy. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, and we Pleasant Plains residents will have another (hopefully better) local business option!

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