What’s Shakin’ in the Makin’ Vol. 4 – Taqueria Coming to 3313 11th St, NW (11th and Lamont)

Ed. Note: ‘What’s Shakin’ in the Makin’ was formerly known as ‘Danger Watch’, a series that looks into the “coming soon” status of restaurants/bars.

We last looked into 3313 11th St, NW back in Aug. 2011. At the time we learned that the Taqueria from Jackie Greenbaum had already received it’s liquor license.

Washingtonian now tells us:

Jackie Greenbaum, whose restaurant Jackie’s helped to usher in the era of suburban chic when she converted a Silver Spring auto parts store into a trippy enclave of pink pillows and quirky comfort food, is set to open El Chucho’s Cocina Superior in Columbia Heights this May, serving “inauthentic Mexican food.”

The forthcoming taqueria, located at 3313 11th Street, Northwest, will seat 40 inside, with an additional 16 seats outside and another 40 on the roof.

Greenbaum is aiming for a Cinco de Mayo opening.

More details on the menu here.

I love the name “El Chucho’s Cocina Superior” and I’m so glad I can finally stop referring to it as the “new taqueria” coming to 11th and Lamont St, NW across from Room 11. Though, I’ll be interested to see how 40 people can fit on the roof.

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  • Thanks for the update! I saw some guys working on construction the other day and meant to email a request for some news. Can’t wait until they open.

  • Roof should have same sq.ft. as indoor floor space, more without space taken up by the bar, host stand, etc.
    Might be kind of odd looking right into the window of the house next door though.

  • Get ready for some flighty service! Staples of Quarry House, Jackies and Sidebar.

    • You can’t make a sweeping generalization like this without examples. I’ve had nothing but superb at the Quarry.

      • Really? OK. I’ve had servers basically forget about my table at all three places. I’ve had serious confusion and delay with orders at Jackies – items removed because they forgot they were out. Long waits for drinks at Sidebar. This is hardly out of leftfield, service at her places is kind of a running joke in Silver Spring. Part of it might be the fact that most places have terrible service in SS, maybe a move to the city will help that.

  • I hope the food is as good as her other joints.

  • Hopefully this time the schedule is for real! But the construction progress is encouraging. Love the name and the concept, I am as excited for this place as anything else coming to the hood, so glad it will be open for the summer.

  • I love how they just put it out there that it will be “inauthentic”. Authentic Mexican is great, but good food is good food. I used to live in that building to the left (a few years before Room 11) and would have loved to have a place like this so close.

    • “authenticity” is overrated.

      • I could not disagree more, inregards to mexican food. Tex Mex tacos aren’t tacos, burritos are a waste of time, in other words I am seriously disappointed; appreciate the honesty but still disappointed. I was hopeing for tacos al pastor, queso fundido, and alambre. Instead it sounds like i’m getting a uncle julios. Not psyched…

        • The point is – who cares what you call it. Is it good food? If yes, then that shouldn’t matter. Having another place to grab some food in this area is a good thing. I hear you, authentic Mexican is amazing, but just because it is not authentic it is not automatically bad food.

        • Good burritos are not a waste of time, IMO.

        • gotryit

          For what it’s worth, Mama Chuy’s has some of those things you mentioned, and it’s not too far.

  • “Inauthentic Mexican” – at least she’s honest. Points for that. It looks like a definite upgrade door the neighborhood and sounds like it could do well, considering (and ramen houses) have become the new trendy DC thing (move over, hamburgers!). And yet the search for good, authentic Mexican food in DC goes on.

  • Yay, more cool stuff for 11th! The 64 bus line continues its reign of coolness. Also looking forward to checking out Maple and the new diner from the Open City folks.

  • Please bring a taqueria to Bloomingdale. We have open storefronts and eager patrons!

  • Awesome! I went to a work event at Jackie’s and the food was really good, can’t wait to try the inauthentic mexican

  • Love the new name for these posts, PoP!

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