West Wing Café Opening Lounge in NoMa this Spring

From a NoMa press release:

West Wing Café has leased the retail space in 1100 First Street, NE and plans a spring opening; the restaurant will have weekend and evening hours, and create an evening lounge serving wine, beer and sake.

West Wing Café will offer sushi, panini and high-end deli fare during the day, then transition into an evening lounge. “They want to create the sort of ambiance that will attract residents to come and linger,” Boehm said. West Wing Café will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.; they leased the entire retail space of 4,400 SF.

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  • Yes and it’s beautiful. We need more buildings like this in the city.

  • I’m not a fan of these new, all-glass buildings; they all pretty much look alike. Also, they’re hell on migratory songbirds, who are killed in droves crashing into the glass, which they’re attracted to at night, and can’t see during the day. There was a Washington Post article about this recently, describing how maintenance workers find dead and mortally wounded birds at the bases of such buildings every morning (not streetwise pigeons and starlings, but indigenous songbirds like warblers). Enough with the glass facades already, architects!

  • Oh man, songbird soup. What I would give to be one of those lucky maintenance workers!

  • Nice! Living in the H Street corridor is awesome. Can hardly keep up with all the new places opening.

  • I interviewed for a job near there yesterday. With West Wing, Potbelly’s and Harris Teeter nearby, this will be a sweet place to work!

  • best office building in dc

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