Vicious Burglary and Assault in Ledroit Park

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Thanks to everyone who sent emails about this horrifying incident. I apologize for the delay in posting.

From MPD Jan. 27th:

There was a burglary last in the 500 block of T Street, Northwest, at approximately 3:30 am.

A female knocked on the victim’s front door and acted as if she was crying. When the victim opened the door 2 male suspects forced their way in to the house.

Please be aware of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Don’t answer the door for anyone you do not know especially at late night, early morning hours.

The lookout for the suspects is as follows:

Black female, 17-18 years of age, 5’00”, slim approximately 120 lbs, dark complexion, wearing eyeglasses, hair at shoulder length and in a pony tail with bangs that come down to the eyes and wearing dark colored clothes.

Black male, 20’s years of age, round nose, round face, 5’07”-5’08”, 160 lbs, medium – dark complexion, short curly style hair, dark clothes and armed with a black in color semi automatic handgun.

Black Male 30’s years of age, 509″-5’10”, 165 lbs, brown complexion with very bad black acne, shoulder length dreads wearing black clothes and armed with a black in color semi automatic handgun.

From WJLA7:

“Elizabeth Samuel’s eye is bloody, her face is swollen, her head aches all over. She doesn’t even know how many times she was hit with a gun.

Her wrists and ankles are covered in bruises from where she was tied up and kept hostage in her own home.”

From Fox5:

“After enduring a half-hour of terror, her husband came home and fought the attackers who were armed with pistols. He took on the attackers armed with a wine bottle. Unfortunately he was pistol whipped from behind knocking him to the ground rendering him out of commission.

The suspects spent the next 30 minutes drinking and smoking inside the house before leaving with numerous items.”

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  • WTF!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?

    I hope everyone is okay. This is horrific.

  • claire

    Wow, I saw the MPD email but hadn’t seen further information on this. That is seriously messed up. The last sentence just made me furious.

  • thank god they weren’t killed. f-ing thugs in this town are disgusting.

  • what absolute barbarian savage thugs.

  • SouthwestDC

    Horrible. I’m the type who locks the doors and turns on the alarm as soon as I get home from work, but I wouldn’t have thought twice about opening my door to a woman in distress.

    • You should think twice – it’s a pretty common trick. If you see an unknown “woman in distress” knocking at your front door at any time, for the sake of the woman and yourself, call 9-1-1. If it is a legitimate concern and not a set-up, the police will be better assistance than you anyway.

  • If the MPD don’t have these three in handcuffs within 48 hours, I will be disappointed.

    Sitting around someone’s house, manhandling everything, drinking, etc, there must be enough forensic evidence in that house to clone the perps.

    • I thought the message was from Jan. 27. So it’s been a few days already.

      • Then color me disappointed. It is shocking that with all the fingerprints etc these winners must have left at the scene they couldn’t ID them immediately, and don’t tell me one of these three isn’t already in the system. You don’t go from a “good boy or girl” to coaxing yoursel finto someones house to tie them up, torture and rob them in one step.

        Get with it MPD

        • I was robbed and assaulted a few weeks ago and the cops didn’t put down any of my information right. Listed that there were two guys instead of three and listed that they were white instead of black.

        • I was mugged at gun point last Sunday around the fairly busy U Street corridor. I don’t know whats going on lately. Every time I turn around, I’m hearing 10x more crap like this going down.

  • So sad and horrible. I hope it doesn’t deter people from helping others in need though. she did the right thing trying to help a girl who seemed in trouble. she did the right thing. 🙁

    • No she didn’t, and she’s lucky to be alive. This is why I won’t take the security door off my house, ever. If you’re crying on my porch after dark I’m happy to call 911, but you’re not getting inside. No chance.

      • I agree with you that I wouldn’t open the door, but it still makes me sad/scared.

        I sometimes think, what if I were attacked or mugged on the street, and was trying to escape my attacker? I usually assume if I could that I would run to someone’s door for help. It makes me more afraid to know, because of assholes like this, even that wouldn’t work–people are too scared (rightly so) to open their doors for ANYONE. It is sad all around.

        • SouthwestDC

          Yes, I’ve actually been in a situation where I was being attacked on the street. A nice couple heard me screaming, and opened their door to let me run inside and seek refuge. This didn’t happen at 3:30am, but it was after dark. My phone got lost during the attack, and even if I had it I don’t think I would have been able to outrun the attacker and find a safe place to call the police. I’m forever grateful to those people who let me in.

    • I hope the couple recovers both physically and mentally from this terrible act.

      There are a multitude of services available in the city (food, clothing, free public recreations centers and libraries that provide access to services, and albeit underwhelming housing services, etc.) for well meaning residents to take advantage of. Bread for the City, Martha’s Table, and other orgs have a proven track record for connecting people in need with resources.

      Residents should never put themselves at risk — especially at night, much less the middle of the night. 3:30am?!?!? If you want to give, give to the organizations established to serve others. If a stranger or someone unexpected comes to your home at night, call the police.

      • SouthwestDC

        I can think of a lot of situations where a woman would legitimately be seeking help from a stranger at 3:30am. A lot of the organizations you mentioned can’t help someone who’s being purused by an attacker late at night.

  • awful…
    probably just a coincidence, but the description of the two men sounds very similar to the two guys mugging people in Park View from the post a few days ago…

  • This was not a burglary, it was a home invasion robbery. Burglary is a term for stealing items from an unoccupied dwelling. Not sure why the MPD release used the wrong term.

    • burritosinstereo

      I thought the legal definition of burglarly was to illegaly enter someone’s home with the intent to commit a further crime. Could be wrong though, I’m reaching into parts of my brain that are a little dusty.

    • You are sooo wrong.

      D.C. Code § 22-801. Burglary. Definition and penalty.

      (a) Whoever shall, either in the nighttime or in the daytime, break and enter, or enter without breaking, any dwelling, or room used as a sleeping apartment in any building, with intent to break and carry away any part thereof, or any fixture or other thing attached to or connected thereto or to commit any criminal offense, shall, if any person is in any part of such dwelling or sleeping apartment at the time of such breaking and entering, or entering without breaking, be guilty of burglary in the first degree. Burglary in the first degree shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than 5 years nor more than 30 years.

  • jesus, that’s horrifying.

  • kind of weird, though, right? why was the husband coming home at 4am and why would he take on armed robbers with a wine bottle?? hmm…

    • that’s not what I was hinting at at all. I had no hypothesis in mind when I was thinking how it was weird. I just think it’s weird.

    • Good point. Plus, they stayed AFTER getting in a loud fight with the husband. They wouldn’t do that if they just wanted to take stuff. Or, of course, they could have been high, but it’s a weird coincidence for the husband to arrive while the crime is happening.

      The commenters want to assume it’s a horrible random crime, so they can complain about the local political system, but ALL kinds of crime are more commonly committed by/upon acquaintances. Based on statistics, that should be the first presumption…

      • And why would you presume that? It sounds more like a way to propagate the “My neighborhood is safe for gentrifiers” (although it really isn’t) gospel rather than dealing with the facts. Just because these thugs decided to exercise their power over this poor couple doesn’t show that they knew their attackers. After all, if the woman knew her attackers, chances are that she would have let them in the house without the need for the “damsel in distress” ruse. Unfortunately, although people want to be helpful to the people of their community, crimes like this make showing compassion more risky, which is sad.

      • Furthermore, there’s evidence that some of the couple’s neighbors reported having their doors knocked on by the suspects as well. That pretty much destroys your theory.

        • I am pointing to the well known myth of stranger danger, whether in sexual assualt, kidnapping, etc. Those categories are like 9:1 acquaintances to strangers. I’m pointing out that weird facts fit with a more complicated narrative than an unknown trio of rogue intruders.

          • Except that here they don’t. We’re not talking about rape or kidnapping. The facts perfectly fit with a random crime committed by strangers and don’t fit at all with an acquaintance crime.

          • Of all the houses to break into on the block, it’s unusual to have it be the one where the guy is coming home in the middle of the night, but still in the middle of the crime at 3:30 am.

            You could be right, it could be random. But, that 3-some who killed the US attorney on Swann St tried to pretend it was an intruder, and all evidence (or lack thereof) pointed to them.

  • Time to get the 12 gauge cleaned and primed.

    • For real. I’ve always been pro-gun control, but shit like this makes me seriously consider buying a gun.

    • How exactly would having a weapon in the house help in this case?

      When the wife was surprised ambushed by two men, or when the husband returned home to find three armed individuals in his house, and was promptly pistol whipped in the head?

      Unless the gun was kept unlocked somewhere easily accessible from the front door–in itself a liability with home breakins–it doesn’t seem like a big shotgun would have done much to change the outcome here…

      • I don’t know about this case, but a woman in Oklahoma successfully defended herself and her infant child when two men armed with knives attempted to break into her trailer. The brave lady was on the phone with 911 for 21 minutes when the criminals finally busted down her door. She was armed and took action. Two things here: you can’t always expect the police to protect you, and guns are a great equalizer for women and the men who wish to do them harm!!

      • I disagree. I’m generally for gun control and I abhor concealed carry and the like, but a gun might have changed the outcome here in several ways:

        1. When the accomplice girl came to the door and saw a woman holding a gun, she might have immediately fled.

        2. The possibility exists that the homeowner would have been able to defend herself, but the possibility of a gunfight breaking out makes this less convincing and even more dangerous than what did occur.

        3. If the homeowner did not use the gun and it was discovered by the lowlife intruders, it wouldn’t have made the homeowner less safe – they already were armed.

        Basically, the argument that people should forgo the ability to defend themselves in their homes and submit to the whims if an intruder makes little sense and strikes me as being naive.

      • I suppose (just to play this game of hypotheticals) the person answering the door could have done so with a gun in hand.

        If the distressed woman on the other side is being pursued, a gun would certainly be helpful. If she’s faking — or if a man is at the door — the gun would ward off attackers.

        Not saying I personally want a gun. I wouldn’t mind if my neighbors did, though.

    • A shotgun is no match for a machine gun. According to DC law, that’s what the thugs were carrying.

  • Sad. We need tougher sentencing in DC, especially for juveniles.

  • Wonder if it is the same two guys who robbed my friend’s friends at gunpoint when they were moving out of a row house around R & 4th St. on Tuesday evening. Friend’s email:

    yesterday my roommate was moving out of our house. in the last hour, our girlfriends were moving her things into the car when they were approached by two men. ____ was held at gunpoint while the car was searched for valuables. thankfully no one was hurt and only my roommate’s laptop was stolen. it turns out the criminals were on a spree and continued on to maryland after robbing another guy who was walking in our neighborhood, after my friend tried to seek help from him.

  • so lucky to be alive


  • Pardon my unladylikeness but what f*#!ing filthy, low-life, disgusting pieces of sh!t. There is no word in the English language to capture how much this disgusts me.

    Thank God these victims survived but they will now have to live with the traumatic torture of this appauling and barbaric act.

    Stay tuned for your karma, you thugs, your ‘very bad black acne’ is only the beginning…

  • DC, why do you suck so? Crime in this city is terrible. I think that if it comes up, the trend of people moving back into the city will end up being reversed.

    • this doesn’t make any sense.

      • It makes perfect sense. I’ve lived in the area my entire life. I’ve seen this city at its worst, and at its best. After finally reaching a point where things seemed to be improving, it now seems to be on the decline again. Lately as I’m reaching the point where I want to start a family, I’ve started to question the value in living here. You pay out of your ass for rent, pay higher taxes, and for what? To live in a city that is grossly unsafe compared to other places that are much cheaper and offer similar opportunities?

        • I don’t think crime is, on the whole, getting worse. But I completely understand the sentiment that sometimes living with the level of crime from which DC suffers outweighs the benefits of the city. I guess it’s just an individual choice. And, keep in mind there was a very similar (but probably unrelated) home invasion robbery in North Bethesda (also known as Rockville to the unpretentious). But terrible incidents like this destroy the myth that, in more dangerous neighborhoods, crimes only happen between people who know each other (a common refrain in the comment section of this site).

          • Rockville and North Bethesda are actually different places. Rockville is an incorporated town that begins north of the area between Bethesda and Rollins Avenue.

          • Yes, Rockville is an incorporated town. But the unincorporated area south of Rockville bordering Rockville Pike has, until recent times, been known as “Rockville.” the name “North Bethesda” is a new phenomenon to try to raise real estate prices and, presumably, the self-esteem of the residents. There’s no such place as “North Bethesda.”

          • 1. Rockville is a city, not an ‘unincorporated town’. It is in fact the third largest city in the State of Maryland.

            2. There is no such thing as an ‘unincorporated town’ in Maryland. Towns and cities in Maryland are, by definition, incorporated.

            3. ‘North Bethesda’ is neither a town nor a city, but rather an unincorporated, census-designated place.

        • what doesn’t make sense is that crime is not rising again. period.. look at the actual statistics. human beings are notoriously bad at judging trends. let the data do it for you. when you go on this site and read about all the crime, you think, oh my there is a real trend here, but the fact is that it rarely indicates a true trend towards rising crime. certainly, the last few years have been dc’s safest in the last few decades.

          • It’s possible that the demographics of who crimes are being committed against has changed. As the percentage of “creative class” citizens in the population increases, it’s likely that the rate of muggings of those people goes up. Even as you’re less likely to get robbed than you were 5 years ago, there’s a lot more stories floating around about people *like you* getting robbed.

            Stories aren’t statistics — although it’s great that local news sources and ultra-local blogs like this carry this kind of content. It makes us the wiser.

  • There was also another robbery/hold up at 4th and R, nw. They caught one guy but something is going on. The robbery/sexual assault last thursday was only a block from these recent assaults. I’ve lived in this area for 8 years and never heard of such random violence around here.

  • this is horrible to read. how terrifying! i hope the victims recover and are able to feel safe again in their neighborhood, and their home. i can’t imagine the feeling of vulnerability to have people invade your home, let alone beat you up and hold you hostage.

  • LisaT

    Just flat out evil. So sorry for those people.

    Seems to have been several home invasions lately. WTF? Scary. I’m not opening my door for anyone I don’t know. Like 1300 BLK said, “If you’re crying on my porch after dark I’m happy to call 911, but you’re not getting inside. No chance.” If it’s a neighbor that’s one thing, some random person, unh uh.

    The stats may show crime rates are down, but news sources and anecdotes are saying otherwise. I’m not a paranoid person, and judge all you want, but I’m driving more now because I don’t want to walk home from the bus stop, especially after dark.

    • you can also get a bike, it’s a speedy way to go door to door and avoid all the hooligans hanging out on our streets, bike locks can also be handy defense tools as long as you don’t let the assailant get the upper hand

      maybe guns are the answer, NH has home gun ownership for more than 50% of the state and an extremely low crime rate, if a perp thinks they might get shot coming into someone’s home, they might be less likely to try (right now many are just sitting ducks). But shootouts rarely workout in real life as they do in movies and on tv, and no one wants to lose the upper hand….

  • They seem to have been targetted for some reason. Any reason to believe they were drug dealers? It’s hard to believe somebody would take their chances on a home invasion without knowing there was something of value in the residence.

    The math is simple. What you potentially have to gain( drugs and money) minus what you can lose (your life if the resident is packing heat).

    I don’t believe these types of high risks robberies happen without the culprits knowing what exactly is in the house, and what kind of resistance they’ll face.

  • I was just on metro yesterday listening to a thug with his 2 buddies. He almost sounded proud about how he just got out of jail and how he was on his way to “get” a white girl. This city and Prince George’s County have so many thugs that seem to worship and thrive on violence. I really don’t see an end to it anytime soon. You can’t arrest your way out of this. Seriously.

    If DC Council would pass some emergency legislation that would establish stiffer penalties, for christ sake, the kids around town commiting murder don’t even get 15 years when they plead guilty to second degree. Armed child bandits running the streets in neighborhoods of color, scaring the crap out of all the law abiding residents. Or how about some federal prosecution of career criminals caught with a single bullet? Makes me sick to think of what our elected officials and leaders tolerate.

    • Actually, you can just draw a line from about 2 miles on either side of hte DC/PG border and you get 99% of the area’s thugs. The rest of the county and city are predominantly upstanding, honest, good people.

    • “White girl” can also mean cocaine.

  • That is utterly horrifying. I just got an MPD-3D email in which they noted an arrest in a recent robbery at 4th and R; the guy described in the original note about the robbery was 5’9″ with shoulder-length dreads wearing black clothes. Obviously, that can fit a lot of people in this city, but here’s hoping it’s the same guy involved in this crime and the others in the area.

  • burritosinstereo

    Reading this makes me want to get a gun.

    And I hate guns.

  • Tolerance of this bullshit is impossible. DCMPD and our Milquetoast Council members cannot tolerate this total f’ing lawlessness.

    This kind of crap reminds me what happened to that family in Cheshire, Connecticut. Total F’ING BULLSHIT

  • Allison

    This is awful! It’s going to make it that much harder for people who *were* actually just robbed on the street to knock on a door and get help from nearby homeowners.

  • Kind of concerned with the elephant in the room i.e. racial undertones of some postings. Especially “anonymous” with delineations of “communities of color”, “law-abiding citizens”, and “white girls”. Also, Filth, wth is “very bad black acne?”

    • I’m not seeing any racial undertones here. Sensitive maybe?

    • “very bad black acne” is in the police description one of the suspects. You can blame the MPD for that description if you;d like.

      • AND, the “white girl” comment was made BY a black man, as reported by a poster here.

      • have you never seen “very bad black acne?” I think it’s a perfect description. When I read it I knew immediately what they were talking about and was able to visualize the suspect. I think that is the reason they used that wording.

    • Girl, please. “racial undertone”… you don’t think solid-citizen black people

    • umm… thanks for the vote of confidence by trying to call me out as a racist but how about you read the description first. I can’t make sh!t like that up. Don’t turn this conversation into something it’s not… this is about some sick f*@!s. Period.

    • “Also, Filth, wth is “very bad black acne?””

      Pseudofolliculitis barbae – ingrown hairs /razor bumps / hyper pigmentation caused by shaving.

    • Racial undertones? Get a grip.

  • why don’t we petition the GOP to start INVESTING in this city (ie more cops, education, vocational training, summer jobs for youth, etc)?

    (instead of just trying to run it like their own private island of dr. moreau)

  • I never answer the door when random people knock. I always know who is coming over and when. When I lived in Richmond, VA there was a horrific story just like this in 2006 except it went way worse.

    There was a really nice lady who owned the “World Of Mirth” toy store on Cary Street. She was home at the time waiting for her kid to be dropped off. It was totally random crime and the thugs tied up the couple and their children in their basement as they came home and eventually slit all of their throats. They took some valuables from what I heard and then burned down the house with the dead family inside. They went to another house and did the same thing to another family except didn’t kill them. The thugs were from Philadelphia and rolled up in the neighborhood and picked a house. It is still one of the worst stories I have ever heard. Fortunately they were caught:

    • Yeah, but wasn’t there a period last year when thieves in D.C. were ringing doorbells to determine who was home and who wasn’t?

      I think the recommendation that came out of that was that if you hear the doorbell ring randomly, you don’t have to answer the door, but you might want to turn on a light or something to indicate that there is in fact someone home.

    • Worst home invasion type story I ever heard was a home-grown one from 1975 up at 11th & Lamont St:
      From what I can tell it actually establishes the basis for the argument that the police have no duty to protect you and that you’re basically on your own even if you manage to make a call to 911.

      • This is so sad and disturbing.

        Can anyone define what is meant by a ‘special relationship’ (see quote below from ontarioroader’s wiki link)?

        ‘The court noted that because the police are only under a general duty to provide services to the public at large, a special relationship must exist between the police and the individual in question for the “duty” element of negligence to be satisfied. It held that no such special relationship existed so the case was properly dismissed by the trial court for failure to state a claim and the case never went to trial.’

        • Allison

          “Special relationship” is their attempt to distill legal jargon into a publically digestible format. A duty doesn’t form between a police officer and a victim of a crime until the police officer tells the victim he is going to help, or the victim has some reasonable expectation the officer will help, for example.

          I remember reading a case where some people ran up to a cop standing on a corner and said “we just saw a woman get grabbed, pulled into a car, and kidnapped! the car went that way!” and the police officer said “okay!” so the reporting couple left. When the cop did nothing to help the kidnapped woman, the court held that there was no duty extending from the police officer to the kidnapped woman because she had no indication that help was on the way, and therefore would not have modified her behavior.

  • No coincidence. This is the same description for the two armed robberies that happened near Kenyon & 13th on 1/27 @ 8:00pm.

  • ugh. Can someone say electric chair?

  • Fox News gets it wrong, again. The cowards who beat and tied up my wife got their own beating when I came home and were chased off after I fought with them. They did not remain behind after our encounter. The wine bottle was just an introduction to the punks who thought they could force their way into my home uninvited. No more home break-ins since then, huh?

    To all the well wishers and sympathizers who have been victims of violent crimes, my wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    To all the anonymous posters who question the veracity/details of this incident, FUCK YOU. I was protecting my home and family, more than they would have done, I’m sure. They wouldn’t even post here as themselves. What are the posters hiding? There are many details I will not discuss due to the ongoing investigation by MPD.

    We’re still here and we’re not going anywhere either. We are not afraid of these thugs. All of LeDroit Park (black, white, green, orange, yellow, blue) will remain strong, undivided, and undistracted by this fake gangster fuckery.

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