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  • No option for sending yourself flowers from a “Secret Admirer” and then crying into your pillow when you get home?

  • The Boyfriend will be working (of course) so I’m heading out with two friends. Not sure what we’ll do but I’ll make sure its awesome. They’re both single guys so I’ll take care of the planning.

    Two years ago when Valentine’s Day fell on Sunday a friend and I went to Disney on Ice. THAT was awesome!

  • Other: eating Indonesian food, getting drunk, and probably watching something sci fi. With boyfriend. Last year we watched a Korean monster movie and it was the best.

    Valentine’s Day is the last day I’d want to be out in a nice restaurant–except maybe for the people watching. 🙂

  • The pic that PoP chose for this post is hilarious! I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in a long time…

  • claire

    I’m fairly anti-Valentine’s Day. It’s just too blatantly commercialized and wrought with hard to fulfill expectations. If you’re single, you’re made to feel somehow inferior for it. If you’re coupled, you have to get your significant other just the right gift or face potential wrath. If you’re coupled and decide not to celebrate, everyone makes a weirdly big deal about it. And I also hate how gendered and one-sided it typically is (women must be showered with gifts from men, etc).

    That said, the day after is a boon for chocolate lovers.

  • An evening at the shooting range. The usually-busy place is empty on Valentine’s day.

  • He accidentally wrote “No. 5” next to Chanel instead of Mambo

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