Tortilla Coast Launches New Happy Hour for Logan Circle Location

From an email:

Tortilla Coast Logan Circle is launching their happy hour! It will run Monday through Friday, 3:30pm-6:30pm, in the bar only. There will be discounts on a selection of signature cocktails including the classic and frozen margaritas, made with organic nectars, fresh lime juice, and agave. They will also offer sangria (available by the jar!), micheladas (the chelita and la sangrita), beer, and house wines. Please note this is specific to the Tortilla Coast located in Logan Circle.

Tortilla Coast’s Logan Circle spot is located at 1460 P Street NW at the corner of 15th and P.

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  • They need to bring their prices down to reflect reality. $7.50 margs regularly, $5 for HH.

    • Agree 100% there is nothing special about this hour except that you will overpay for blah drinks…..sorry Tortilla Coast but honesty is the best policy….

  • The cheapskates can always get a beer for $4.

  • I realize this place is across the street from a strip of restaurants that have set the bar pretty low, but I consider Tortilla Coast to be the biggest disappointment in the neighborhood.

    • +1000 I was really looking forward to this opening (I love Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill) but this doesn’t even have the same menu! New burritos as an example and the prices are really high …

    • Agree 100%. The food is blah, and the service is worse. They forgot my order and kept me waiting for close to an hr. When the time came to pay, their CC machine was out of order. They did not accept cash, took my CC and disappeared for another 30 min to decide how to charge it. No apology and rude wait staff. I live across from this place and was excited when it opened, but sorry Tortilla Coast, I’ll save my excitement for who ever comes into your place next, which from what it looks like, will be soon.

  • Nothing is worse than a happy hour that ends at 6:30PM.

  • The prices are too high and the food hardly compares to any of the other ‘mexican’ restaraunts in DC. And to top it off when I was there last the waitress knocked my sunglasses off the table shattering the lense. Naturally all that I was offered was an appology.

  • $7 for a happy hour margarita at a mediocre restaurant? Only in DC. What a joke. As they say on the internet “SMDH.”

  • So annoying. I’ve talked with the manager as well and they’re not getting the hint.

    And hi, this is Logan Circle- a neighborhood willed with successful professionals who are also certifiable alcoholics. Happy hour that ends at 6:30 is just stupid when half of the city doesn’t even leave the office till 6.

  • I’ve talked with the manager several times as well – it really should not be named Tortilla Coast since the menu and prices do not match their other location. And yes, a happy hour ending at 6:30 is ridiculous. Meanwhile, places such as Commissary and Number Nine across the street continue to have great happy hours.

  • Really, really skimpy happy hour. Wow. Not even worth going to….

  • The formula for success at a location like this seems like a no-brainer. It’s amazing that these guys screwed up so badly.

  • Starting at 3:30 pm they should call it Happy Afternoon.

  • Tortilla Coast is impressive because it’s actually going to fail despite having one of the best locations in the city for a casual restaurants. The food isn’t just “blah”, it’s absolutely terrible. I crank out better fake mexican food with zero effort in my kitchen. The service is horrible, but that is nothing new for DC. It’s hard to believe the owners of the establish have succeeded elsewhere. From what I’ve heard, they are probably just selling cheap crap to underage interns.

    On the plus side, the entire site is already build out for the next tenant.

  • Agree with all the comments listed here. This place is a disappointment. Somehow they managed to make the place look like a slightly more upscale denny’s or IHOP. The tables for instance look terribly cheap. The regular prices on their margaritas are too high. I think the cheapest was $11. We passed and had water. The food was not great either. The fajitas were burnt and the chicken tacos were not memorable.

  • I refuse to even go until their prices are reasonable. I can go 4 blocks away to El Centro and have a much better meal for way cheaper. Tortilla Coast is a joke. Pack it up, and give me a real Mexican restaurant.

  • Really a shame about this place given all the work and $$ that went into sprucing up the paint store.

  • What a joke. A Happy Hour does not end at 6:30. We’ve been twice, and the food was SOOO salty, not great-tatsing and – no matter what you think of the quality – totally overpriced. This is all such a bummer because I was ELATED that the McCormick eyesore was gone. Agree with a previous comment: at least the space is all built out for the next one!

  • Let’s lobby to have Guapos from Tenleytown open up in this location. Good, dependable food and service and reasonable prices.

  • I’ve been there twice. The food is mediocre to bad, and the service is worse. I hope the management takes all of the comments below and at many other sites and make changes. Otherwise, such a waste of a prime location!

  • I’ll chime in with everyone else – overpriced and pretty bad food. Our service was pretty good but I still won’t be going back any time soon.

  • I’ll just pile on….This restaurant is a complete joke. It’s horribly designed (like most DC restaurants) but the food is equally bad. I wonder how it’s doing financially. I live in the neighborhood and want it gone.

  • this place blows.

    terribly noisy on top of it all

    SADLY – they will likely get a fair bit of hotel business and stay open for a while.

    i pray that is not what happens.

    i literally do not have to cross a street to get there and i will never, ever, EVER go back

  • Live nearby and still haven’t gone. Now not going to even try! Ya that stinks!

  • I too haven’t heard any rave reviews in the neighborhood…to entice to try. Other than Stoney’s that block doesn’t interest me.

  • 7 dollar Margaritas for Happy Hour? Seriously DC….enough is enough.

  • Date and I sat at the bar , and spent 65 bucks, messed up order slow and rude service, Margs were 11 each?! And sub par at that, i should have left no tip

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