This Liquor Store is Gonna be Ridiculously Awesome

God I wish I had photos of what Lion’s liquors used to look like at 3614 Georgia Ave, NW. It was full of bullet proof glass and grime. This transformation is nothing short of astonishing. I spoke with some workers who said they anticipate opening in the next week or two. Another reader writes in (sending the photo above) and also says they heard they will be opening in 2 weeks.

Does anyone remember what this place used to look/smell like? I truly can’t believe how fantastic this is turning out.

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  • Damn! Could be turned into a night club on the weekends.

  • Oh my gosh. It is completely unrecognizable! Look at that ceiling!

  • Who puts that much fabulousness into a liquor store?!

  • What a sweet transformation. Hopefully they’ll have great selection and prices.

  • Wash Vegas!!!!

  • The interior looks fabulous. I can’t wait to check it out. I hope the owners can do away with the roll-ups one day. Now, that would be totally fabulous.

  • looks awesome. they’re still going to have to compete on price, though, or i’m still going to calvert woodley for my liquor.

  • OMG…that’s great. Oh how I remember the old place. I actually would not go in. Instead walking to the store further down GA…

  • Looks really nice, awesome job guys!

  • That’s great – it looks like the scene out of a ‘Miami Vice’ shootout.

  • I agree, it just keeps getting better!

  • When I moved here, I was surprised that all of the liquor stores in DC (with a few exceptions) were holes in the wall with bulletproof glass, terrible selection, and full of suspicious characters. This is a real improvement…great addition to that neighborhood!

  • that’s a liquor store fit for Dionysus.

  • austindc

    So, can we just hang out here even if we don’t buy anything? It’s wicked nice! Also, I like how the floor space can double for tack and field events. Way to work the mixed use space!

  • Sweet! I’ve always wanted to buy liquor while rollerskating!

  • Now I can pickup some beer or wine as I get my kids next door at school!

  • I wonder if a snazzy place like this is less likely to attract the lowlifes who walk around the ‘hood drunk, piss in the alleys and drop their bottles into the tree boxes and on the curbs?

    I hate the ghetto-liquor marts, and there are way too many of them. Is this still one of those or something else?

    • I’m guessing if they don’t sell singles, they’ll stay away. Seriously, that is the reason people are pissing all over my alley. Whoever thought “hmm, let’s sell singles! We’ll attract a classy clientele!” is a complete idiot.

      • +1 Selling singles is a large part of the problem. If they don’t my guess it will retain a different clientele

    • We can only hope that the remodeling brings about a sense of civility. I used to walk down there from the Looking Glass to get a pack of smokes pretty regularly, and almost without exception there was some sort of ghetto drama going on in there. Either an argument or fistfight would break out, or some wino would wander in and cause a scene.

  • Nothing from the inside, but google maps provided this shot of the old Lion’s storefront:

  • I can’t wait! I am so sick of picking out wine from the opposite side of bullet proof glass!

  • looks like Trump renovated it.

  • Maybe the Stripclub the House should move into Lyons. LOL thats what it looks like. LOL

  • I live a block from here and I did go into the old Lions ONCE. It was pretty typical…dark, dirty, dusty old crap. Lots of singles, cheap wine and old bags of chips and stuff. Its a huge space and has so much potential now! There is talk that the owners want to eventually set up a small bar for wine tastings which would be awesome. I think there is also a downstairs that is being renovated but maybe that won’t be open with the rest of the store yet.

  • I can’t believe that’s the same place – crazy!

  • claire

    Will definitely be checking this out once it opens! Fingers crossed the beer selection is good and not too pricey.

  • +1!

    I’m relatively new to the neighborhood, and I’m heartened to see this and other progress.

  • Kent,

    Thanks for telling us that this liquor store is in Park View. I, for one, will just call it “this strip of Georgia Avenue.” If I were really mean-spirited and wanted to hurt somebody’s feelings, I might even refer to it as Southern Petworth or Eastern Columbia Heights. Why? Because your obsession with Park View is a bit much.

    • you could call it NoHow (North of Howard). C’mon, let’s get this started.

      (credit to the guy at Red Derby who told me this)

    • Yes, I assume it is Kent Boese, and yes, I understand that Park View is a unique neighborhood with its own character, blah blah blah. I just hate the constant nitpicking over boundaries, and Kent’s obsession over the Park View boundaries. Heaven forbid that somebody were to confuse Park View, Pleasant Plains, Petworth, Columbia Heights, etc. Really….making a stink to get Park View listed on the metro station, while metro is making an effort to streamline the names of stations? Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?

      • I must have missed any or all of that in Kent’s post in this thread.

      • I think one point is that with the development just north of the metro (Billy Simpsons, Qualia, the new Safeway and retail) in Petworth with the development just south of the metro (the bar strip, renovated Lions) in Park View it might make more sense to start referring to the commercial activity occuring as happening in the Georgia Ave corridor or something (much like the U Street Corridor or 14th Street Corridor). This adds a sense of unity to the commercial strip that stretches through both neighborhoods, rather than the disjointed sounding (to those without intimate knowledge of DC neighborhood boundaries) “Petworth commercial strip” and “Park View” commercial strip. Just a thought.

      • so go fry your fish then and stop complaining.

  • Where da poles at?

    • Right next door, at the penthouse… The world’s most famous strip club, as seen on HBO. Such a classy neighborhood!

  • I hope they have a great liquor selection to go along with that great looking interior. I currently buy all my booze online, but I’d much rather give spend my money with a local business.

  • Hahaha! Now my neighborhood now has a world-class… Liquor Store… That’s DC for you.

  • It’s been great watching them build out from 3 doors down. They plan on carrying over 2,000 wines. He is also building out a wine bar in the rear of the building. Will need new licensing for that, but another great addition to the block.

  • Some people are talking about The House. I for one would actually think it would be cool if The House renovated itself into something like this and was an actually classy strip club. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t like strip clubs. But I think it is a kind of unique and diverse business and there is more good than harm from having ONE strip club. Strip clubs do seem to provide SOME utility–I’ve only been dragged to them for friend’s bachelor parties but my company seemed to be having a good time.

    Kind of rambling but basically I’m saying: House! Make yourself look like this and I won’t hate you any more. In fact I’d find you an interesting and unique addition to the neighborhood.

  • wow. you all are crazy for this place. I personally think the cheesy columns ruin the entire interior.

  • Seems a bit overdone, looks more like a night club. Not sure if the neighborhood is gentrified enough yet for this to immediately take off and stay clean. Whinos, pimps and you know what else still reign supreme in Park View/Petworth. Pretty sure some hoodrat will get hit over the head with a wine bottle at the grand opening.

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