The Griffin at 3801 Georgia Ave, NW Now Available to Rent

Back in Oct. 2011 we took a preview of the new building, The Griffin, located at 3801 Georgia Ave, NW at the corner of Quincy. At the time we weren’t sure if the building would be sold or not. I was just told the fencing is coming down today and the units will be shown starting Saturday. If anyone is interested in a unit you can contact the folks who run Park Place across the street. Ed. Note: Park Place is a PoP advertiser. Since a reader recently wrote in nominating this building for a horse’s ass award, I’m glad the fencing is finally coming down! Also for ZipCar users – two ZipCar spaces will be added to the back of the building.

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  • A horse’s ass award? Really? For being a brand spanking new building with a fence around it?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I suspect they were just venting their frustration that it had been sitting vacant for so long. But I agree, horse’s ass nominees should have plywood covered windows but I also understand the frustration of the reader. Anyway, glad it’s a moot point now.

      • I disagree. Many of these new luxury petworth developments are TAX EXEMPT. If they don’t get their project done on time, and fill up the ground floor retail, then they’re Horses Asses. Start generating some tax revenue one way or another, and do it now.

  • so are the prices similar to park place?

  • looks pretty good but I’m not so sure I like that color of the brick. I’m guessing it looks different in person though and will fade a little in the sun.

  • Excellent news! Glad to hear that this is finally moving forward.

  • Is Park Place even full yet? When I wait for the bus across the street it looks to be 80% empty, lights are only on in a small number of units.

    I peeked inside The Griffin the other day, snazzy looking lobby.

  • Is that apartment building next door to the Griffin on Quincy still being renovated?

    Also, per a stinky Safeway cashier, they should be closing in May to start demolition & construction of the new building.

  • Finally!!

    With Chez Billy and DC Reynolds coming in, and new residents at the Griffin, hopefully there will be the momentum to fill the Park Place retail and get the new Safeway on the fast track.

  • Stinky refers to Safeway, not the cashier. Not stop being such a douchebag.

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