The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Opens in the Hilton at 1919 Conn. Ave, NW

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has opened up at 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW in the Hilton.

Their Website says:

Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is the oldest and largest privately-held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States. Beginning with our first café in Brentwood, California, we have always been passionate about connecting loyal customers to one another with carefully handcrafted products.

Known for sourcing and providing the finest ingredients and flavors, we have built relationships with the best private coffee farms and tea estates around the world, selecting only the top 1% Arabica beans and finest hand plucked, whole leaf teas. Our coffee is freshly roasted daily in small batches in a manual European roast style in our private roasting facility. All of our teas are hand blended under the direction of our tea master. Today we proudly offer over 30 varieties of coffee and 20 varieties of tea. And for nearly 50 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has demonstrated a passion for product innovation epitomized by The Original Ice Blended® beverage.

Any fans? I was digging the lounge area:

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  • Assuming it’s the same as it is in LA, it’s a competitor to Starbucks and expectations should be calibrated as such. The coffee is pretty meh. But they have the “ultimate” ice blended which includes chocolate covered coffee beans blended into your drink.

  • i grew up in LA. The Bean’s ice blended drinks are not even in the same class as burnedcoffeeBucks – as in, they’re far superior. try one. you’ll go out of your way to get to the hilton the next time. a little bit of awesome in your day. excellent news.

  • boochow

    Alas, the only thing I have been missing since my move back from LA.

  • Real Eames chairs????

  • I believe it’s their first East Coast location other than NYC too.

  • Just so you know, us long-time locals refer to that as the Hinckley Hilton.

  • Eames chairs in front of 4 TVs?


    • I know! I can’t wait to sit in one for six hours, drinking a single soy latte and checking Twitter on my iPad.

  • I was recently stuck inside the Hilton for a few days for a conference, and the concession prices are particularly absurd — everything cost twice as much as it would cost just outside the building. I caved and bought a $5 juice just once, since the space is so disorienting that you can’t figure out how to get out to Rite Aid or to Filter.

  • i might almost forgive magic johnson for taking away my pool and tennis courts, because of this. almost.

  • Ugh, that lounge space looks like some horrible airport waiting area they slapped $4000 chairs into.

  • I’ve patronized Coffee Bean stores many times during trips to California. Nothing special, nothing awful. At one time they were distinctive for carrying a line of products called “Herbert B. Hyman Chocolate,” in honor of the man who started the store. Alas, the Herbie branding apparently disappeared at one point.


  • Awesome news. Much better coffee than Starbucks. The place looks cool, too. Now if we could get an In-N-Out, life would be great.

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and In-n-Out burger are probably the only two things I miss from my stints in LA. Seriously… I used to get an English Breakfast Latte every morning, and their ice blendeds KILL the Sbux frappucino. I will have to stop by there every day.

  • Oh good I can walk 2 or 3 less blocks to get coffee in the morning. (I live one block north). Always happy to hear about something opening up close to home.

  • I used to be an addict in LA…glad to know I can resume my addiction!

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