The 5pm Post – Adams Morgan Random Acts of Kindness Day

From Adams Morgan Main Street:

Adams Morgan Random Acts of Kindness Day
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOCATION – 18th St. & Columbia Rd. BB&T Plaza

TIME – Outdoor Entertainment 5:00pm – 8:00pm; Indoor Entertainment 9:00pm; Volunteer check-in 4:00pm – 5:00pm

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – Participating volunteers will be dressed in red or pink in groups at different corners passing out cards with random acts of kindness suggestions to passersby and cars, holding posters with positive and encouraging statements, helping people cross the street and carry grocery bags, giving out hugs, smiles and compliments, and other kind acts to make people happy. 🙂

SPECIALS/RAFFLE – Local businesses will be offering specials and discounts for this event. We will be offering raffle prizes to lucky winners in the crowd!

SHOWING APPRECIATION – There will a presentation honoring the local fire and police departments with baked goods and more. If you are interested in joining in you are welcome to bring any baked goods or gifts of your choosing. The local bakeries (i.e. Sweet Themez) or the local grocery stores (i.e. Safeway, Yes Market, or Harris Teeter) are also available.

FOOD DRIVE – We are encouraging people to bring canned goods to donate to the local non-profit organization, Christ House, located on Columbia Road. You can bring your donations to the event location, 18th & Columbia Rd. BB&T Plaza, or take them to participating businesses from Sunday (2/12) to Wednesday (2/15). Participating businesses include: Instant Noodles, Tryst, Smash Records, Violet Boutique (money donations), Marrakech Lounge, El Tamarindo, Mellow Mushroom, and Amsterdam Falafelshop.

More details here.

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  • We need a special day and event for this? This is why I hate the vast majority of humanity. Or maybe just dc.

  • me

    I wish I were free to participate.

    I think that if I was just a singular, random person who was walking around doing the above on my own, people would think I was absolutely crazy and/or trying to rob them of their stuff.

  • Feb 16th news headline:

    3 armed robberies and one shooting occurred on the corner of 18th st and Columbia Rd last night. More news at at 11.

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